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Career Services: Storytelling Your Way to a New Career

Event Description - Career Services: Storytelling Your Way to a New Career

August 21, 2013 • 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. 

Utilizing effective storytelling techniques will help job seekers identify what they really want employers to know about their skills and abilities. Professional storyteller Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff ('94) will facilitate a workshop using various techniques to help you discover and tell your story. She will lead guided imagery exercises that allow  you connect to your own passion for the work you truly want. Jennifer will coach by modeling the technique of Appreciations. Participants will work in partners, listening to each other and offering appreciations. Stories will focus on the MIT (most important thing) you want their potential employers to know. Participants will learn that the essential aspect of storytelling is being present in your story and letting down the walls that separate you from others. In this workshop, you will also work with the entire group, encouraging one another to not only tell  stories, but to use story sharing as a catalyst to take the next step on your professional path.

We will provide a picnic style dinner for all attendees, including vegetarian options. If you have any dietary restrictions, please email ttormoen@umd.edu prior to 8/16/2013.


Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center: Chaney Library