About Us

We began this effort nearly three years ago and have hosted many events for the University of Maryland Alumni of the Pacific Northwest with the annual highlight of a Blue Crab Feast at the end of summer that has had great turnouts.  While we will continue to provide venues for game day watching parties, we are interested in broadening our reach and trying to leverage the generosity of our large Alumni base in the Pacific Northwest to assist others and to leave a Terp legacy.  If you are interested in helping grow The Seattle Alumni Club, please send me an introductory email and we will include you in the next meetings.  We can do great things, but only if we can get a focused voice and the assistance of fellow Terps.

Go Terps!

Club Leaders

Dave Pyle -- President
E-mail: daverpyle@gmail.com

Jenny Loofbourrow -- VP, Marketing and Communications
E-mail:  jennyloofbourrow@live.com

Laurie Meek -- VP, Finances
E-mail: laurie.meek@gmail.com

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