Rubbing Testudo's nose. Rushing the court after whipping Duke. Pulling all-nighters at Club McKeldin or Hornbake. You had great times as a Maryland student, but graduation doesn't have to end your connection to UMD. As an alum, you can make new memories with fellow Terps. Tailgates, wine tastings, cultural events and career-boosting networking opportunities—the University of Maryland Alumni Association offers all this and much more. So whether you left Maryland 50 years or 50 days ago, welcome back! No matter where you go in life, you're always a Terp!

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Reviews to chew on

The next rant you post about an overdone steak or an underattentive hostess could predict the future. Read more.

“I Learned it on YouTube,” Said the Robot

Imagine having a personal robot prepare your breakfast every morning—without any help from you. That’s because it learned all the necessary steps from YouTube. Read more.

Money Matters More Than Family Type in Children’s Futures

Family income plays a larger role in children’s well-being than family structure, says Sandra Hofferth, professor of family science in the University of Maryland School of Public Health. Read more.

Alumni Spotlight

In Sync, On Skates

Sisters Hope to Earn Team Third U.S. Championship. Read more ...

Video of the Week

Surprise, You're A Terp.

The UMD admissions team and Testudo surprise six high school students with in-person acceptance announcements. Welcome to the Terp family! Watch now.
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