Nohely Alvarez  

Nohely Alvarez '23
PhD in Urban and Regional Planning and Design
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

My fearless idea is...
to create innovative and tangible solutions that will maximize civic participation for residents in marginalized and immigrant communities. 

Sanketh Andhavarapu  

Sanketh Andhavarapu '23
Major: Individualized Studies in Neuroeconomics
Minor: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md

My fearless idea is...
to improve healthcare by leveraging behavioral science to steer medical decision-making towards improved patient outcomes. A large percentage of diagnostic errors are due to cognitive biases. Moreover, these biases are also attributed to non-cooperative behavior in patients. Debiasing health institutions and providers can drastically improve healthcare.

Alexia Ayuk  

Alexia Ayuk '23
Majors: Accounting and Operations Management; Business Analytics
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

My fearless idea is...
to utilize the tools I have learned from my classes in critical and innovative thinking to enhance organizational effectiveness. I am passionate about student development, especially in the focus of diversity and inclusivity. By working in the business school and other sectors to create spaces for underrepresented students to achieve their goals and disrupt the traditional barriers, I can make useful change and be a giving individual not just in Smith but overall.

Emily Berry  

Emily Berry ‘21
Majors: Government and Politics; Economics
Hometown: Annapolis, Md

My fearless idea is...
to create a culture at the University of Maryland where students are involved in decision-making processes, trust our administration, and work alongside all levels of staff to heal from the trauma our community has experienced.

Megan Berry  

Megan Berry ‘21
Major: Biology: Physiology and Neurobiology

Minor: Public Leadership
Hometown: Annapolis, Md

My favorite UMD moment so far was...
participating in TerpThon 2019/2020 because of the passion and spirit that filled the room as students, professors, faculty, community members and survivors stood on their feet all day and raised thousands of dollars for the children at the Children's National Hospital in DC. This event really hit home for me as someone who has had a family member who has been directly impacted by the life-saving care being done at facilities like Children's National, and as a young professional who is extremely passionate about healthcare and working to pursue a career as a pediatrician. I also had the privilege of working as a clinical research intern in the Emergency Department at Children's this past year and have seen first hand the amazing doctors and specialists that practice groundbreaking medicine in this facility so I am inspired by this community-wide effort to help such a great cause!

Emily Brothman  

Emily Brothman '21
Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Public Leadership
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

working with the Office of New Student Orientation. Throughout my time in the Orientation office, I have had the unique opportunity and pleasure of interacting with UMD's newest Terps. I had the most amazing time connecting with my students over the summer, and it always means so much to me when a student sees me on campus and stops to say hi. I feel honored to have had even a small part in helping new students cultivate a love for UMD.

Sarah Choi  


Sarah Choi '22
Major: Secondary English Education
Hometown: Woodstock, Md

My favorite UMD ALUMNA/US IS...
my mentor teacher, Julia, who I met when I was interning for summer school. Her positivity, patience, and ability to reach every student are all traits that inspire me and motivate me to become a great teacher.

Sydney Dalin  


Sydney Dalin '22
Majors: Accounting; Finance
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

getting to participate in TerpThon. Seeing so many Terps come together to fundraise for childhood cancer research was an unforgettable experience.

Jacqueline Ford  


Jacqueline Ford '21
Master's in Public Policy
Hometown: Frederick, Md

I am the 15th Terp from my family to graduate from UMD and I am so proud to be the first Terp in my family to be inducted in ODK and have my name on the fountain on McKeldin Mall.

Photo of Radhika Gholap  


Radhika Gholap ‘21
Majors: Biology: Physiology and Neurobiology
Minors: Spanish Language & Culture, and Professional Contexts, Statistics
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md


winning a Do Good mini-grant with my club, American Medical Student Association, so that we can increase our health advocacy work and bring our service community partners to campus.

Grant Handley  


Grant Handley '22
Major: Public Policy
Minor: Law and Society
Hometown: Elkton, Md

My fearless idea is...
to become a practicing lawyer as well as a political advocate to improve our public defense system. With more resources and lawyers committed to the system, our system can become more transparent, fair, and effective for all. 

Allison Hishmeh  


Allison Hishmeh '21
Master's of Business Administration; Data Analytics
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca

My fearless idea is...
as the current President of the University of Maryland Los Angeles Alumni Association I plan to grow our alumni base by 50% on the west coast region.

Nishitha Hosamane  


Nishitha Hosamane '21
Major: Biology: Physiology and Neurobiology
Minor: Mathematics
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

Judith Resnik. She was a brilliant woman in STEM and she was extremely successful during her life. Her ability to attain a Ph.D. and become a NASA astronaut serves an inspiration to me and demonstrates that if I work hard enough, I can accomplish anything, regardless of my gender.

Grace Lechmann  


Grace Lechmann '21
Major: Biology: Physiology and Neurobiology
Minor: Global Poverty
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md

My fearless idea is...
to create programs that highlight the importance of preventive medicine in the community.  A program like this would save the unnecessary stress that comes from preventable illnesses and can help catch major diseases, such as cancer, early on.

Emily Leo  


Emily Leo '22
Major: Bioengineering
Hometown: Potomac, Md

My favorite UMD ALUMNA/US IS...
Evelyn Barstow Harrison, who was the first woman to graduate from the engineering school at the University of Maryland.  This is something that is near to my heart. The Women in Engineering Department has provided me support, resources, and guidance as well as created a community of female engineering students through programs like the Flexus Living and Learning Program. Currently, I hold leadership positions in some programming initiatives that the department hosts. I am the Co-Chair of the Women in Engineering Living and Learning Program Board, a tutor for the program, and a coordinator for the mentor program. I hope to continue serving as a student leader within the WIE department, helping to empower and inspire fellow women in STEM.

Naomi Lichenstein  


Naomi Lichtenstein '22
Major: Environmental Science and Policy
Hometown: Baltimore, Md

My fearless idea is...

reducing single use plastic waste on campus by branding and selling UMD containers, thermoses, and reusable bags that if used by students at campus shops they will receive a larger discount and proceeds would go towards natural disaster relief for marginalized communities affected by climate change.

Lauren Losin  


Lauren Losin '22
Majors: Bioengineering
Minor: Global Engineering Leadership
Hometown: Owings Mills, Md

Judith Resnick.  As the second American woman to travel into space, she was a trailblazer and helped to pave the way for other fearless women in STEM.  As I walk through the Clark School, which has numerous buildings named after notable men in STEM, I get excited when I pass by the Resnick Lecture Hall in Martin Hall on my way to class. I am reminded of Judith Resnick’s courage and fearlessness, allowing her to be one of the first females to make such breakthroughs in engineering and space travel.  She inspires me and other females in STEM to never be discouraged by our lack of representation and to instead be empowered to pursue our dreams and change the world.

Sofia Maurette  


Sofia Maurette '22
Master's in Spanish
Hometown: Hyattsville, Md

defending my Prospectus while holding my 4 month old, with the support of my advisors and faculty members.

Photo of Anindita Mullick  


Anindita Mullick ‘22
Majors: Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics
Hometown: Germantown, Md

getting together with my dorm friends the night before spring move-out at the end of freshman year. We found out that it takes eight honors students about an hour to set up a camping tent, and that eating mini-waffles while swapping life stories is an amazing way to celebrate.

Punit Patel  


Punit Patel '21
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Army Leadership Studies
Hometown: Laurel, Md

to promote diversity in fields and encourage lifelong learning. Too often I see people limiting their potential to one aspect of life when there are so many incredible opportunities out there; all you have to do is look for them.

M Pease  


M Pease '22
Major: Psychology
Minors: Asian American Studies; Public Leadership; Neuroscience
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md

pursuing social justice and raising the voices and experiences of minority groups through research and activism.

Amy Petrocelli  


Amy Petrocelli '21
Major: Communication
Minor: Army Leadership Studies
Hometown: Hauppauge, Ny

using effective communication in order to shape an empathetic global society with acceptance for all individuals. I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Caroline Pugh  


Caroline Pugh '22
Major: Biology: Physiology and Neurobiology
Minors: Germanic Studies; Humanities, Health and Medicine
Hometown: Catonsville, Md

to revolutionize medicine in my own way by being true to myself and my passions as a humanities-minded future doctor. I believe that the core of medicine is people, and that it is easy to lose sight of that in the intensity and drudgery of science coursework and regimented pre-medical requirements. I fear that the prescribed path to becoming a doctor is littered with hopes and humanities that have been sacrificed in the name of achieving the goal, and that care can suffer as a result of this developed cynicism or disillusionment. While I respect that the path to medicine is long and arduous by nature, I hope to use my multicultural experiences and my background in volunteering with people from all walks of life to inject more understanding, compassion, and innovation into my practice, and to always be open to learning new things.

Amy Rivera  


Amy Rivera '23
Majors: Criminology and Criminal Justice; Government and Politics
Minor: Pre-Law
Hometown: Takoma Park, Md

My favorite UMD FACT Is...
the reason that we are a Pepsi school is because of student activism against apartheid in South Africa in the 80's. We used to have Coke products, but due to Coca Cola's involvement in South Africa, student activists (primarily Black students) forced the school to divest from the Coca Cola company as well as some others. This is my favorite fact because it goes to show the power that students have when they come together to make a difference. 

Lindsay Robbins  


Lindsay Robbins '21
Master's in Public Policy; Development Economics
Hometown: Buffalo, Ny

My favorite UMD ALUMNA/US Is...
Judith Resnik. As a woman pursuing a career in a typically male-dominated field, and who hopes to pursue a Ph.D., she is particularly inspiring to me.

Sarah Sabet  


Sarah Sabet '21
Major: Public Health Science
Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md

has been walking around and sitting on campus on a nice fall/ spring day. This is when it feels like the whole University is on the mall: hammocking, picnicking, playing frisbee, strumming the guitar, and sometimes even grilling. Cultural groups are out on campus giving out free plates of delicious food, and staple UMD animals like Hyper and Sam the cats (@cat_on_shoulder_) and Dino the rabbit (no @ unfortunately) are roaming the mall like celebrities. My favorite thing to do on one of these beautiful days is to get some food from the Farmers Market or a scoop of sapienza ice cream from the UMD Dairy, lay out a blanket with some friends, sit for hours and watch the colorful sunset on the mall. These are UMD moments that I will truly never forget.

Graham Schuckman  


Graham Schuckman '21
Majors: Information Studies and Operations Management; Business Analytics
Minor: Cybersecurity
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md

my mom. My first memory of UMD was her taking my family around campus on Maryland Day and showing us the dorm she used to live in at Dorchester Hall. Throughout all of the highs and lows of college, she has constantly supported me, and every day I get a text from her wishing me well and saying she loves me. My mom may not be a famous puppeteer, journalist, scientist, or business leader, but she has been the most important person in enabling me to be the best Terp I can!

Malika Shah  


Malika Shah '23
Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Ellicott City, Md

My fearless idea is...
to apply machine learning algorithms to biomedical challenges in order to further improve healthcare and the understanding of the human body and the world around us. 

Veeraj Shah  


Veeraj Shah '21
Majors: Biology: Neurobiology and Physiology; Health Policy and Technology
Hometown: Severna Park, Md

reforming the US healthcare delivery system to improve access to preventative healthcare services and leverage innovations in technology to improve healthcare quality.

Shylee Yachin  


Shylee Yachin '21
Majors: English; Family Science
Hometown: Rockville, Md

my mentor from the School of Public Health's mentorship program. My family moved to the U.S about 13 years ago, so she was first UMD alumna I met and was actually able to learn more about her career and shadow her in her D.C office.  Not only did she guide me through my junior year, she truly illustrated to me how she continues to give back to the UMD community and stays in touch with her alma mater.  This really inspired and reassured me that UMD will be there for me as long as I cultivate my relationship with it and its current students/faculty.