Monday, January 24, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
University of Maryland Alumni Association

The biggest mistake I see career changers make is to skip the career clarity and self awareness process and go straight to job searching. This is how you wind up in the cycle of not great jobs, going from one job to the next hoping it’s better, and it might be for a little while, only to find yourself frustrated AGAIN.

The second biggest mistake I see is remaining stuck due to analysis paralysis.

This workshop is going to shift you OUT of both of these vicious cycles.

We are going over what values are, how to uncover them, and how to use them in your career pivot to make sure you create a thriving career and life.

About our speaker:

Alejandra Hernandez `14 is the founder of empowherchange, where she coaches individuals on how to manage their careers in a way that inspires a life of productivity, economic freedom, and fulfillment.

As a child of immigrant parents, she mastered the job search and career clarity process through trial + error in the corporate space. With no one in the family to provide tips and insights in the job search process, she was able to master it through practice; from landing jobs in different industries and cities, negotiating her own salary, advocating for a promotion, she's failed many times in order to find what works. Her career clarity process was born out of a dire moment to find a career path that truly matched her needs, and it’s how she landed in corporate career coaching. 

Since then, Alejandra has branched off on her own to help individuals feeling stuck and confused in their careers to find work they love.

Her expertise is in career clarity, human design, emotional intelligence, confidence building, linkedin optimization, interview coaching, salary negotiation, and networking.

She currently lives in Miami, FL with her partner + dog, Bentley Bear. 





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