Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
University of Maryland Alumni Association
Imagine getting up on a Monday morning and being excited and inspired about the day ahead! It’s possible to feel on track with your career, and there are plenty of amazing career opportunities out there. 
UMD Smith Alumna Alison Cardy‘06 will discuss how the tried and tested Career CLARITY process has helped hundreds of capable professionals identify the work that helps them be happy on Mondays.
This live training will give you an understanding of the 5 key practices that you need to create career opportunities:
  • Why you should totally ignore the folks who say things like “most people don’t like their work.” and “you should be happy to have your job.”
  • Why it absolutely does not matter if the career help you got before didn’t help at all. 
  • Why a new resume is NOT the answer (and what is).
  • The biggest mistake you might be making when you jump enthusiastically into your job search.
  • Plus so much more!
This is your chance to take the first step to moving your career to a better place.
Alison Cardy '06 is a career truth teller who believes in living a life that actually feels like your own. She and her team have helped over 300 professionals find a great career fit through her proven CLARITY process. Alison is the author of the bestseller, Career Grease: How to Get Unstuck and Pivot Your Career. Her work has been featured on Monster, Forbes, The Muse, Undercover Recruiter, and The Washington Post. Her home on the web is at
This session is brought to you in partnership with the Robert H. Smith School of Business. This event will be recorded and sent to the email address you use in the registration process. 

Free to attend

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