Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
University of Maryland Alumni Association

Do you need a little more motivation to get started (or re-started) with healthier habits for the New Year? Join us for a dose of encouragement from an angle you may not have thought about before, showcasing the benefits of making important lifestyle changes right now and motivational magic about why you can’t afford to wait and that it’s not as hard as you think! We'll cover the most effective weight loss and fitness strategies to include in your daily routine for commitment levels ranging from the bare minimum up to full throttle! Participants will also be eligible for exclusive discount follow-up programs. Don't miss it!
Cathy Richards, MA is an exercise physiologist, University of Maryland alumni and best-selling author of "BOOM: 6 Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life".  Through her company, Inspiring Vitality, she provides lifestyle and wellness coaching, consulting and presentations, helping individuals and organizations maximize physical health, brain function, and energy levels. You can find out more about her at
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