Monday, March 30, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
University of Maryland Alumni Association


The COVID-19 crisis has many of us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Do you want to learn how to de-stress, unplug and focus on the present moment? Using your breath, visualization and meditation are several ways to incorporate mindfulness and meditation in your daily life. If you are ready to build a pathway to self-awareness and learn to be in the present moment at any time, this webinar is for you!  


Dr. Gwendolyn Dorsey has over 30 years of education experience as a high school teacher, mentor and middle and high school instructional leader. As a leader, Dr. Dorsey strived to increase teacher leaders in each school experience. Throughout her tenure, she worked with students in assisting them with setting their goals, encouraged them to work hard and weigh their options, apply and graduate from some type of post-secondary educational program and learn to advocate for themselves. Dr. Dorsey serves on the Women in Business Initiative (WIBI) Advisory Board at George Mason University and the George Washington University Educational Administration Advisory Board.  Currently, Dr. Dorsey offers education consulting services and mindfulness workshops. 


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