The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Alumni Network is a chartered organization of the Alumni Association, and works in partnership with both the College and the Alumni Association to advance alumni relations.

The board was established in February 2000 and is guided by the vision and leadership of the College dean and the Office of External Relations. Current members develop and implement plans to improve the involvement of alumni and friends in the life and mission of the College and also serve as liaisons to academic departments to advance alumni engagement.

Contact us:, Jenny Kilberg, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Meet the Board:

Ilana Cohen
Ilana Cohen, Esq. '00

Bishop Sakyi
Vice President of Alumni Programs
Bishop Sakyi '11

Lisa Parzow
Vice President of Finance
Lisa Parzow '76

Brian Vincent

Vice President of Administration
Brian Vincent '03

Stephanie Ambrose
Board Member
Stephanie Ambrose '88

Brandon Cole
Board Member
Brandon Cole

Rob Hayward
Board Member
Rob Hayward '01

Donald Im
Board Member
Donald Im '87

Kevin Johnson
Board Member
Kevin Johnson '18

Gideon Kaplan
Board Member
Gideon Kaplan '10

Jessie Latter
Board Member
Jessie Latter '17

Erinn D. Martin
Board Member
Erinn D. Martin '09

Linh Nguyen
Board Member
Linh Nguyen '08

Sharon S. Palmer
Board Member
Sharon S. Palmer, Au.D '80

Jeremy Rachlin
Board Member
Jeremy Rachlin '02

Staci D. Schweizer
Board Member
Staci D. Schweizer '02

Rexanah Wyse
Board Member
Rexanah P. Wyse, Esq. '10