In need of some feel-good content? Stressed? Need to get back on track? Join the Alumni Association for a week of programming dedicated to health and wellness. Wellness Week will consist of virtual events and content that will showcase Terp-owned businesses and fitness professionals. Topics will include fitness classes, life coaching, nutrition tips, and techniques to help lower stress. Check back frequently as this page will continue to be updated with more programs. 

Sunday, May 2 | 11:00 a.m. EDT
Join fellow alumni as we enjoy a Sunday morning workout with one of our favorite Terp fitness instructors - William "Rock" Evans '14. Rock's unique and upbeat style, set to some great tunes makes this weekend workout lots of fun for Terps of all ages and abilities! Brought to you by the Howard County Alumni Network.
Monday, May 3 | 6:30 p.m. EDT
Join us to learn about the health benefits of non-toxic skincare with this step-by-step virtual facial class led by Indie Lee, founder of the skincare line Indie Lee. You'll be guided over Zoom through a complete facial treatment and discover which products are best for your own personal regimen. You'll finish with radiant skin and all the tools to achieve your best glow at home. You'll also learn more about the importance of non-toxic skincare products and dive into the health implications of knowing what the products you rely on every day are really made of. This event is only open to members of the Alumni Association, and spots are limited! Brought to you by the School of Public Health Alumni Network. 
Tuesday, May 4 | 12:00 p.m. EDT
If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill. If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges. Recent events such as the pandemic, disruption in financial markets, social unrest, and political changes have overstretched many of us. You need a new upgrade in your mental operating system to not just survive but thrive in these tumultuous times. Join Amy Yip '04 to set the foundation for understanding what mental fitness is and why it’s important, begin to unpack how we tend to self-sabotage, and introduce the 3 core muscles at the root of mental fitness.
Wednesday, May 5 | 12:00 p.m. EDT
Do you need a little more motivation to get started (or re-started) with exercise and other healthy habits? Have you started and stopped more times than you care to remember? Fed up with fad diets and endless gimmicks that never work? You are in the right place! Join Cathy Richards '88, M.A '91 for a dose of motivation and the top tips to spring into long-lasting success! In no time at all, you’ll go from uninspired to UNSTOPPABLE and you’ll have the tools and steps you need to start right away! Cathy Richards is an exercise physiologist, wellness coach, and best-selling author of BOOM: Six Steps to a Longer, Healthier Life. After working in both corporate and senior living settings, Cathy's signature programs focus on maximizing physical health, brain function, and energy levels for all ages with a unique message of "never too early, never too late". 
Wednesday, May 5 | 5:00 p.m. EDT
College Park got healthier recently with the addition of a new smoothie bar, Hollywood Nutrition. Owners Sheriff Taiwo '06 and Jet Hart share a passion not only for promoting health and nutrition, but also for creating a sense of community through their business. They will be available to answer all of your nutrition questions, and will share tips on how to eat to improve your health.
Thursday, May 6 | 5:00 p.m. EDT
Whether you're working in an office, on a job site, or on your couch, the stress of the day can take a toll on our bodies! Dr. John Jowers ’05, is a physical therapist, board-certified in sports medicine, and he has noticed an uptick in patients afflicted with increased neck or back pain due after transitioning to a full-time WFH set-up. Dr. Jowers will reveal some of the most recent science behind physical activity and exercise, the effect of the pandemic on our bodies, and easy ways to become stronger. Not just physically stronger; mentally, socially, and spiritually as well. 
Friday, May 7 | Noon EDT
A Seat at the Table: Stories and lessons from UMD alumni is a new series featuring alumni from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland, representing an array of industries and organizations. This series focuses on what it means to have a "seat at the table?" How does one get there? Who are your table guests? And how do you use your voice and influence within your organization once at the table? Through this program, we highlight BSOS alumni in mid to senior positions and learn from their leadership and personal experiences.
Featured Alumni Panelists:
Taylor C. Cole, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist and Owner, Choice Clinical Services


Anyone that signs up for a Wellness Week event will also receive access to a private portal where they can access additional wellness-related videos and downloads. If you haven't attended an Alumni Association event before, now is your chance! All first-time attendees will receive a special fitness-related gift after they attend one or more Wellness Week events. Alumni Association members, there are special perks for you too! In addition to gaining access to the members-only skincare event, all Alumni Association members who attend a Wellness Week event will receive a special gift.


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