The Howard County Terps Alumni Network provides social, professional and educational opportunities to Terps and their family and friends within Howard County Maryland. Along with the great mission of the Alumni Association, our top priority is to reach out, connect and build relationships with each and every alumni. We are a diverse group—representing different backgrounds, age groups, interests and cultures—but we all share the same desire to meet new people, reconnect with old acquaintances, and most importantly, stay connected with our alma mater.

Events: We host business networking events, football and basketball game watches and service events.

Number of Alumni: Approximately 20,000 Terps live in Howard County.

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Meet the board:
Under each board member, you will also find their answers to these fun questions:
1. How do you spend a typical weekend afternoon?
2. What was your favorite memory as a student at UMD?
3. What is your most memorable Howard County network event?

Stacy Snyder '83
Stacy Snyder '83
1. Watching sports or outside gardening, hiking, swimming, or at the beach!
2. Road trips to away games or concerts at Ritchie.
3. Board meetings. I have made great new friends who have the same interests in supporting our alma mater. 


Ankit Mittal '08
Vice President
Ankit Mittal '08
1. Watching & playing sports, volunteering, spending time with family & friends
2. Rushing the court when we beat Duke
3. Bingo night was a huge success!

Noreen Welch '90
Noreen Welch '90
1. Walking, cooking, watching sports. Playing with foster kittens.
2. Football and basketball games.
3. Bingo event & board meetings.

At-Large Member
Payal Pubbi `18

Rachel Carr '95
Board Member
Rachel Carr `95
1. Spending time with teenage boys & husband, going to our beach house.
2. Working at the golf course, good memories.
3. Bingo event. 

Michael Barnes
At-Large Member
Carol Doermann `91
1. Spending time with family, being outside, watching sports.
2. Aerobic classes, late night study sessions at the library.
3. Bingo night and hanging out with the board.