Over 5,000 alumni live in the northern counties of New Jersey. We provide social, professional, game watch and service opportunities to connect alumni. We have several events throughout the year including game watches, professional networking, community service and other social activities. Past event s have been held at such diverse locations as Montclair, Morristown, Hoboken, East Hanover, and Ridgefield. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Feel free to contact us with any questions. See you soon!


Join our Alumni Network Board!

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Game Watch Location: Horseshoe Tavern in Morristown, NJ is our official Maryland game watch bar.

Contact us at umdnnj@gmail.com

Meet the Board:

Richard Cohen ‘87
Richard Cohen `87

Adam Dubeck ‘97
Vice President
Adam Dubeck `97

Brian Tague ‘99
Brian Tague `99

Brian Scholder
Brian Scholder `92



Matthew Bilow ‘04
Board Member
Matthew Bilow `04

Daniel Flynn ‘03
Board Member
Daniel Flynn `03

Jessica Gaffney ‘01
Board Member
Jessica Gaffney `01

Alex Inguaggiato
Social Media Co-Chair
GOLD Chair

Alex Inguaggiato `10

Membership Chair
Neal Kreitman `81

Tyra Priester ‘00
Scholarship Fund Co-Chair
Tyra Priester `00

Deanna Tarulli
Board Member
Deanna Tarulli `89

Matthew Wolkofsky ‘92
Scholarship Fund Co-Chair
Matthew Wolkofsky `92


Paul Zeman ‘96
Social Media Co-Chair
Paul Zeman `96