1. If there is no official alumni network in my area, can I still participate in DO GOOD Service Month (DGSM)?
Go to and click on clubs and chapters to be sure there is no active network in your area. If there isn't email for more information.

2. Are my non-alumni family and friends allowed to participate in DGSM?
Yes! But contact your local network leader to determine the nature of the service project, as some projects have an age restriction for workers.

3. Will I be able to work with current UMD students during DGSM?
To work with students for Terp Service Weekend, contact the Office of Leadership and Community Service Learning at 301.405.9044.

Alumni Network Leaders
1. If a group can't be organized to do service during DGSM, can we still do service?
Yes! Our hope is that alumni across the country can come together for service during DO GOOD Service Month, but the service is what's most important! If another date works better for you and your group, please feel free to organize an activity at the time that is most appropriate.

2. Are family members and friends of alumni allowed to participate?
Yes! Family and friends are permitted to participate in DO GOOD Service Month. Be sure to check with your partner organization for age restrictions, as some projects may not be appropriate for young children.

Planning Checklist


  • Alumni Association's Alumni Engagement and Outreach staff starts to promote DO GOOD Service Month
  • Recruit activity leaders
  • Poll your alumni network to gauge interest in service activities (if members are interested, what type of project is appealing to most, etc.)
  • Research and speak with service organizations in your area about tentative projects and partnerships
  • Recruit another alum to be co-leader of your activity (i.e. assist with planning, photography and additional tasks)
  • Contact your Alumni Association representative with service date and partnering non-profit organization once your DO GOOD service project has been determined.
  • Provide your Alumni Association representative with point of contact information for delivery of DO GOOD Service Month t-shirts.

During Event

  • During your service project, Tweet, Facebook and Instagram the events of the day, using the hashtag #TerpsDoGood and #StayFearlessUMD
  • Remember to take pictures & video
  • Have fun and DO GOOD


  • Submit sign-up sheets, pictures and video to your Alumni Association representative

DO GOOD Service Month Online Toolkit