Our mission is to promote and support the University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool), encourage academic and professional prominence, facilitate career development, inspire a spirit of loyalty, and foster lasting connections that create a beneficial network of UMD iSchool graduates from all our degree programs.

Contact us: UMDiSchoolAlum@gmail.com

Meet the Board:

Victoria (Tori) Weaver
Victoria (Tori) Weaver '05

Victoria Wilder
Immediate Past President 
Victoria Wilder '07

Matthew Treskon
Matthew Treskon '06 

Paul Chasen
Paul Chasen '11

Megan Fratta
Young Alumni Representative
Megan Fratta '16

Liz O’Keefe
Board Member
Angel Samuel '15

Liz Tobey
Board Member
Liz Tobey '15

Wanda Whitney
Board Member
Wanda Whitney '06