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Terrapins Connect

Terrapins Connect

Terrapins Connect is the University's virtual platform with the goal of connecting Terps from across the world with one another for mentoring, networking and professional opportunities.

Whether you are looking to get advice or give advice, Terrapins Connect provides a way to get involved. By joining the platform, you gain access to thousands of fellow Terps, groups, formal and informal mentoring programs and an active discussion board led by the community. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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Get Started

Setting up your account is quick and easy! Once you do so, you'll be able to network, become a mentor, participate in group discussions, and much more!

  1. Go to the Terrapins Connect homepage.
  2. Click the "Join Your Community" button.
  3. Select a signup method (ex. LinkedIn, Email, SSO)
  4. Choose your User Type (ex. "Student, Alumni, Faculty/Staff)
  5. Fill out your background info (if you use LinkedIn, your information will auto-populate!)

You may need to wait for an admin to approve your account. If that's the case, you’ll receive an email once your account has been approved.

Hear from Terrapins Connect Users

Hear directly from Terps how they utilized Terrapins Connect to advance their careers and give back. 

A headshot of Will Cousins.

When Terrapins Connect: How Alum Connections Helped This Terp Find a Job During a Global Pandemic

The cap and gown. The stage walk. Moving the tassel. And, of course, receiving that diploma. All quintessential markers of achievement for graduates at universities across the country. 

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When Terrapins Connect: UMBA Mentorship Program

When Taylor Dotson ’21 came to the University of Maryland in 2019 to get her master’s in industrial organizational psychology, she was ready to take on the academic challenge to make the final leap into her career.

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My Profile is Created.. Now What?

Waiting to hear from a student or fellow alumni and not sure what else you can do on Terrapins Connect? Not to worry- there are many things you can do on the platform to stay connected and engaged.

Explore the Community

Mentors speaking to students

Terps connecting and chatting

Under the Community tab, scroll through profiles or use the search and filter bar on the top of the screen to narrow your search. You can filter by location, major, industry, and more. When you've found someone to connect with, click the "Message" button to send a message or request a meeting.

Join a Group

Groups allow you to connect with others who share your interests. They're typically communities focused on particular colleges or interest areas, such as "Clark School of Engineering" or "Terps in Education" You can join a group to access select resources.

Looking to start your own group?

Great! Contact Megan Masterson at to learn more about starting a group.

Manage Your Settings

Control how your account is set up, who can see your profile, when you’re available, and more. To access your settings, click the dropdown menu on your profile picture in the right hand corner of the screen. From there, click “My Preferences”. Then on the left hand side, toggle through each of the following options:

  • Notifications: Control when and how you’re getting information from Terrapins Connect. Do you want an email when someone messages you on the platform? Or a text? Or both?
  • Privacy: Manage how your profile can be seen by others.
  • Availability: Decide your meeting availability with others in the community. You may choose if you are available and how many people contact you in one month.
  • Account: Change your email address, password, or if needed, delete your account here.
  • Manage your Calendar: Here, you have the option to privately sync your calendar to show availability.
  • Matching Quiz: Update your matching quiz to get recommended users for connections.
Chat boxes are stylized in black, red, gold, and white (University of Maryland colors).

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team does our best to approve users as quickly as possible. Please allow 24 business hours. If you are concerned, you can email

Did you receive a message that your info was connected to an existing account? Sounds like you might already have an account! Select the statement below that sounds most relevant.

  • Click on your profile image in the upper right and then select "My Preferences" from the drop-down.
  • Select "Account" from the menu on the left.
  • Update your email address and password under "Email ID and Password." Remember to save your changes!
  • You will need to confirm your new email by clicking the link we will send to your new address; once you have done so, we will start sending notifications to your new email.

New platforms can be tricky to master, see a longer list of FAQs

More questions?