Photo of Man Squatting at Desk
Sitting too much is a health hazard. It can raise your risk for a number of serious conditions, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and much more. Unfortunately, many of us spend a greater portion of the day sitting at our desks at work.
Luckily, a recent study of almost 8,000 people indicated that even light activity for 30 minutes per day could reduce many of the risks associated with excessive sitting. 
Don’t have a lot of time to exercise when you get home? Try incorporating some movement into your daily routine at work.  
There are many small ways to build activity into your work day. Short bursts of exercise can be just as beneficial as doing a full workout if you do them throughout the day, every day.
Try a few of these creative tips to incorporate more activity into your workday routine:
  • Park as far away from the office as possible so you are forced to walk more than usual.
  • Replace your office chair with a firmly inflated fitness ball, or buy a chair that is made with a fitness ball. This will help you improve your core strength while you work.
  • Utilize your lunch break to go for a walk, ideally anywhere from a quarter mile to a half mile.
  • Host more walking meetings with co-workers. This will keep everyone moving, while also helping everyone stay alert and engaged. 
  • Work in a multi-floor building? Push yourself to use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • When you need to speak to a co-worker who is right down the hall, skip the emails and phone calls and go simply talk to them in person.
  • Bring small pieces of exercise equipment to work like resistance bands or small hand weights. Use them for a few minutes between meetings or during breaks.

Want to find more ways to get active? Find a primary care doctor near you.