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Wednesday, January 25 | Career Week 2023

Wednesday, Jan 25 | Elevate

Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday is all about elevating. Elevating your expertise, knowledge and career. 

Explore Wednesday's sessions below (all times listed in ET).

Creating and Managing Innovation Workshop | 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hosted by: Alumni Association

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This program introduces leaders to the practices necessary to stimulate and manage innovation.

In-person at Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center

Participants are introduced to the Innovation Genome, and the creative process, a test and practice method for designing, developing, and implementing innovation in real work situations. The aim of the program is to provide leaders with not only the perspective, vocabulary, and skill base necessary to lead innovation-focused projects, people, and ventures; but also practice in the practical aspects required for creating change. This program is only for high potential leaders with a serious interest in the development of personal/professional creativity and organizational innovation. Leaders are expected to share their experiences about the approaches they are trying in each module: The Innovation Genome, ​Dynamics of the Innovation Ecosystem, and ​The Double-edged Sword of Dominant Logic Diversity.

Fearlessly Forward: A Conversation on Current Realities and Future Directions in Leadership | Noon

Hosted by: Office of Leadership and Community Service Learning

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A panel conversation on current realities and future directions for leaders.

Virtual on Zoom

Join UMD’s Office of Leadership and Community Service-Learning for a facilitated conversation featuring a panel of UMD alums who are well-respected researchers, scholars, educators and authors in the leadership education field. Dr. Kristan Cilente Skendall ('12), Dr. Darren Pierre ('06), and Dr. Julie Owen ('08) will be led in conversation by moderator Kamrie Risku ('20) to discuss what they are currently learning and noticing about leadership in today's world, what they feel that everyone who practices leadership should know and what leaders should be thinking about.

Your Job: Love It or List it | 3:00 p.m.

Hosted by: Coaches Corner Career Coaches

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Learn how to improve your current job or find a better one.

Virtual on Zoom

Is your current job leaving you exhausted? Unfulfilled? Tired of plodding along from one month to the next, just keeping your head above water? Ready to do something about it? This workshop will help you consider ways to make your current job experience more satisfying and/or explore alternative career opportunities that make your heart sing. Don't wait until the recession hits, your options close or your chance of a more meaningful life slips away.

Terps Talk Tech: Maximizing Your CMNS Degree | 4:00 p.m.

Hosted by: College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

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A conversation between tech recruiters and UMD Science faculty and staff members on ways to best leverage and market your CMNS degree.

Virtual on Zoom

In Terps Talk Tech: Maximizing Your CMNS Degree, a panel of UMD alums, including Terps working in industry, technical recruiters (Github and Slack) and UMD faculty members discuss the best ways to leverage your science degree in light of the current tech hiring landscape. Topics include exploring what parts of your educational background to highlight, ways to be the best applicant now and if tailoring your professional experiences can make you the top candidate for your next - or first - tech role. While this event is tailored to CMNS alums, all UMD community members are invited to attend.

Not all Statistics: My Life and Career Path | 5:30 p.m.

Hosted by: Latinx Alumni Network

speaker headshot

Dr. Alex Piquero, Director of Bureau of Justice Statistics, shares his life and career path.

Virtual on Zoom

Join us for a night with Maryland alum Dr. Alex Piquero, Director of Bureau of Justice Statistics for President Biden Administration to discuss his life and career path that led him to work in the federal government.

*please note this time has shifted 30-minutes earlier

Terps in Education Virtual Networking Event | 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by: EdTerps Alumni Group

laptop with zoom screen

What opportunities exist in the education sector? Find out! 


Calling all Terp educators and future educators! This is your opportunity to network with other education professionals across different careers in education. You'll hear from and network with education leaders, educational consultants and education technology professionals. Folks interested in teaching in New York will also be able to learn about how to launch your teaching career in NYC. Career teachers will also have the space to connect and share resources with one another.

DEI Integration in Built Environment Organizations: Case Studies and Lessons Learned | 6:00 p.m.

Hosted by: School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

MAPP+D speakers

Expanding The Margins: DEI Case Studies in the Built Environment explores current diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that span across organizations within the built environment.

Offered only on Zoom (changed from previously being offered Hybrid) 

The built environment is constantly changing. As new structures are erected, lives are changed and businesses take on new life. As we work towards building a better future, place making with true equity in mind becomes ever-important. Expanding The Margins explores the relationship between firms that craft our streetscapes and the people that make them flourish. This event focuses on current diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that span across organizations within The Built Environment. Join us as Terrapin Alumni discuss industry specific initiatives that are designed to promote equitable outcomes for minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and the youth and elderly.

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