As president of the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS) Alumni Association Network and a member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association’s scholarship committee, Dr. Teresa “Terry” McTigue ‘84 is supporting our mission to give Maryland students an exceptional educational experience.
Terry oversees the CMNS alumni network’s Summer Award, where undergraduate students can receive funding for their next great summer internship, project or fieldwork. Terry and her fellow CMNS alumni network members came up with the idea while reminiscing about their time as undergraduates— almost everyone had the opportunity to do cutting-edge research projects or had access to a summer internship, but didn’t have the funds to make it happen. They wanted to help current students experiencing the same barriers and thus the CMNS Summer Award was born to support experiential learning. 
As an alumna, Terry believes it’s critical to help students, the university and other alumni. Through her Alumni Association membership, she has gained invaluable professional and personal connections while having the chance to volunteer and support Terps as they complete their studies. “When I volunteer with the Alumni Association, I am truly appreciated and can see the tangible benefits in the life of students. To be able to send a student to New Zealand for a research project because of my volunteer and philanthropic outreach is amazing.”
Terry wants members to take advantage of all the Alumni Association has to offer. “You will find some of the nicest, hard-working and intelligent people in the Alumni Association—we are building a community that didn’t exist when I graduated. I’m grateful to have the chance to give back to the university for all the good it did in my life while seeing the impact of my membership in scholarships.”