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Update Your Info

Update Your Info

Did you recently move? Land a new job or promotion? Want to join a mail list based on your interests or locations? Look no further!

The Alumni Directory is the official tool for alumni to submit updates to your alumni profile. This includes your contact information, employment information, communications preferences and email forwarding service. Information submitted via the Directory will be used to ensure we are sending you the communications you want to hear.

Via the Alumni Directory, you can:

  • Update your contact and employment information
  • Subscribe to custom communications based on your interests, location and school or college
  • Access your personal member benefits page
  • Easily renew or upgrade your Alumni Association membership

Find Fellow Terps

Ever wonder what happened to that guy down the hall? Your friend who always knew what they were serving at the Dairy? Your roommate from sophomore year? The Alumni Directory - just for alumni and members - is the best way to find and connect with fellow Terp alumni. Simply create a profile account, choose what you want to share publicly with others, and search for former classmates, roommates and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

For name changes, please call us at 301.405.4678 or send an email to and we will make sure that your name is updated.

The Alumni Directory primarily services the Alumni Association. While your updates will be sent to the database of record, it is possible that your school or college is using different contact information. We encourage you to call us at 301.405.4678 or send an email to with any concerns. 

The Alumni Directory is a product of the University of Maryland College Park, therefore only degrees earned from University of Maryland College Park will be shown on your profile. The Directory does not sync with any other University of Maryland System schools. 

If you are not receiving our emails, it is possible that you have previously unsubscribed, or have changed your email from what we have on file. To receive emails please update your info in the Alumni Directory. There you can subscribe or resubscribe to various email categories, and also provide an updated email address.

As a Terp alum, you can create a vanity email address after you set up your profile in the Alumni Directory. Get started by clicking the "Update Your Info" button above, and then click "Register now!" to create a new account or "Update your information" on the next screen if you already have an account and profile. This vanity email address is a reflector that you can forward to an email address of your choice (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc.) - it does not create an email inbox for you. When you create a terpalum email address, it does not automatically become your preferred email for university communication; to do that, please use the "Edit Your Profile" option and update your "Preferred Email."

The Alumni Directory is exclusively for Terp alumni who graduated from the University of Maryland College Park as well as members of the University of Maryland Alumni Association (which includes non-alumni paid members). The Directory can only be accessed by creating and logging into your account. 

When you set up your account and profile for the Alumni Directory, you decide how much information about you is shared with others. The default fields include: first and last name, major and class year. Any additional information you elect to share, or keep private, is up to you!