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Information about the UMDemocracy 2022 event

UMDemocracy 2022

This campus-wide series aims to provide resources and information on things to know before the midterm election this November. Featuring university faculty, alumni and students, UMDemocracy 2022 highlights Terp experts on topics to watch in the midterm. Whether you're a first time voter, or a politically involved individual, attend these events and make sure you vote this November - your voice matters!

Sneak peek at out upcoming events:

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09/13: Baha'i Chair Annual Lecture

10/03: National Security and Democracy

10/12: Be Informed Virtual Lecture Series

10/18: Social Media's Influence on Democracy

10/26: Voting in 2022

11/10: Terrapins Connect Live: DC Politics Night

11/17: The Dust has Settled

The UMDemocracy 2022 event series is open to all University of Maryland alumni, students, faculty, staff and community members

This series is a partnership between the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Information Studies, the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, the School of Public Policy, and the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Schedule of events


Baha'i Chair Annual Lecture: Democracy, Voting Rights and Black Women as the Vanguard, Professor Martha S. Jones

At the core of democracy in the United States is a long debate over voting rights. Martin Luther King, Jr. echoed abolitionist Theodore Parker when he adopted the metaphor of the arc, as in "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Barack Obama, borrowing from the U.S. Constitution, anticipated progress for a nation that was on "the path to a more perfect union."

Join the Baha'i Chair for World Peace and Professor Martha S. Jones—the Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor, Professor of History, and a Professor at the SNF Agora Institute at The Johns Hopkins University—for a discussion of how, across our past as a nearly 250-year-old nation, debate rather than progress has best characterized American democracy.

Virtual Event Learn more and Register Baha'i Chair Annual Lecture: Democracy, Voting Rights and Black Women as the Vanguard, Professor Martha S. Jones
Martha S Jones headshot from their website

National Security and Democracy

The goal of the national security strategy is to ensure the protection of our nation's fundamental and enduring needs: protect the lives and safety of Americans; maintain the sovereignty of the United States, with its values, institutions and territory intact; and provide for the prosperity of the nation and its people. How does this relate to democracy and what key issues are important to look out for as you make your voting decisions in November? Tune in to hear from this panel of experts.

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Be Informed Virtual Lecture Series: Michael Spivey

Is the Supreme Court consistent with representative democracy?

This SCOTUS term has been a blockbuster term and not just because the Court overruled Roe. It presents serious questions about the role of a "Supreme" Court in a democratic republic. 

About the Presenter

Dr. Michael Spivey is the Joel J. Feller Research Senior Lecturer within the Department of Government and Politics (GVPT) at the University of Maryland. Dr. Spivey began teaching at the University of Maryland in 2010 and became a full-time GVPT faculty member in 2015. He primarily teaches undergraduate courses on law, courts, society, and politics, and is a nationally recognized expert in health policy issues. .

Spivey earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a Ph.D. in political science from UMD. He also holds master’s degrees in public policy and divinity from the University of Chicago.

Sponsored by the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Alumni Chapter Board.

Virtual event Learn more and Register for the Be Informed Virtual Lecture Series: Michael Spivey
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Social Media's Influence on Democracy

As members of the Digital Age, we are constantly consuming information from the media be it through more traditional sources such as television or less traditional ones such as social media. At every turn there are facts and figures being shared, especially in an election year. Have you ever stopped to think, 'Is this true?' If so, join our panel of experts to learn more how social media influences topics related to politics and elections and how this will affect the midterm election.

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Terrapins Connect Live: Politics Edition

Tis the season for politics! Join us on Thursday, November 10, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm to network with fellow Terps on the Hill as part of our Terrapins Connect Live Industry Networking Series. There will be food, drinks and plenty of conversation to be had. Please bring business cards. There will be opportunities to indicate whether you are looking for a job, hiring, seeking mentorship, or able to mentor.

This event is free to all alumni.

In Person Event – DC Register for the Terrapins Connect Live: DC Politics Night event
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The Dust has Settled: Post Election Exchange

Now that the dust has settled from the midterm election and your vote has been cast, hear from Terp faculty experts as they decipher the election results and take a look ahead at how these results will affect our next two years and beyond.

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