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Montgomery County Terps Alumni Network

Montgomery County Terps Alumni Network

The Montgomery County Terps Alumni Network provides social, professional and educational opportunities to Terps and their family and friends within Montgomery County, Maryland. Along with the great mission of the Alumni Association, our top priority is to reach out, connect and build relationships with each and every alumni. We are a diverse group—representing different backgrounds, age groups, interests and cultures—but we all share the same desire to meet new people, reconnect with old acquaintances, and most importantly, stay connected with our alma Mater.

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Connect with Us!

Terps enjoy crabs at 2019 Montgomery County Crabfeast

Terps enjoy crabs at 2019 Montgomery County Crabfeast.

Did You Know?

  1. There are over 67,000 Terps living in Montgomery County.
  2. We host golf outings, crab feasts, business networking events, football and basketball game watches and service events.

Upcoming Events

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Montgomery County Terp News

Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Seema Alexander '00

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Seema Alexander '00

In working with hundreds of growth-focused entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world, Seema Alexander ’00 starts with two simple questions: “Why does your business exist?” and...
A professional headshot of University of Maryland Alum, Veronica Segovia Bedon.

Meet the Board of Governors: Veronica Segovia de Bedon '04

At just four years old, Veronica Segovia de Bedon ’04 began her formal education at the University of Maryland.  
A professional headshot of University of Maryland Alum, Brad Eisenberg.

Helping Terp Companies Go “Lean”

Brad Eisenberg ’09 knows what it’s like to be a “starving entrepreneur,” from the requisite stint in his parents’ basement to the exhausting scramble of working two jobs at once.

Meet the Board

Peter Haldis

Peter Haldis '04


Anton Leontyev

Anton Leontyev '16

VP, Game Watch

Dan Alpert

Dan Alpert '21

VP, Email

Ijeoma Enendu

Ijeoma Enendu '02

VP, Membership

Mike Smigocki

Mike Smigocki '85


Gina Junio

Gina Junio '04


Gabrielle	Yaptinchay

Gabrielle Yaptinchay '17

Social Media Chair

Aditya Srinivas

Aditya Srinivas '16

At-Large Member

Caroline Cooksey

At-Large Member

Dina Broydo

Dina Broydo '16

At-Large Member

Hawi Itana

Hawi Itana '14

At-Large Member

Ira Benzion

Ira Benzion '80

At-Large Member

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison '86

At-Large Member

Kalika Fortman

Kalika Fortman '11

At-Large Member

Nick Cooper

Nick Cooper '20

At-Large Member

Sandhya Taneja

Sandhya Taneja '17

At-Large Member

Josh Bridge

Josh Bridge '14

Generic Headshot

Matt Berstein '05

Support Students