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Baltimore Terps Alumni Network

Baltimore Terps Alumni Network

The Baltimore Terps Alumni Network primarily serves Terps who live and work in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. The network welcomes alumni, fans, and friends to participate in its activities and events.

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Board members of the Baltimore Terps alumni network gathered behind a table at an event

Baltimore Board at their Annual Crab Feast

Did You Know?

  • More than 20,000 alumni live in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.
  • The Baltimore Alumni Network hosts game watches, brewery tours, tastings, happy hours, service opportunities, and networking events. We’ve hosted O’s games, tours at Terp-owned Union Craft Brewing Company, networking opportunities, park cleanups, and more.

Baltimore Terps News

Picture of UMD alums Ali and Atman Smith, co-founders of the Holistic Life Foundation

Let Your Light Shine - The Holistic Life Foundation's Promise

While most of us go through life trying to figure out our place in the world, it’s the people that look to inspire positive change in others that we remember most fondly. As...
Photo of Terp Research Award Nominee Dr. Ashley Minner

Alumni Excellence Awards: Terp Research Award Winner Dr. Ashley Minner

Dr Ashley Minner’s mission has always been to share stories of Baltimore’s urban, intertribal American Indian community with the world. She hopes to continue that work in her...
Photo of Rising Terp Award Nominee Anthony Sartori '18

Alumni Excellence Awards: Rising Terp Award Winner Anthony Sartori '18

The depth of the mental health crisis for students, from elementary school all the way through college, terrifies Anthony Sartori. He lived it himself.

Meet the Board

jeff mayer

Jeff Mayer '07



Eve Longlade '88

Vice President

Lorin Sheaffer, Baltimore Terps network board member

Lorin Sheaffer '08


Peter Christofferson

Peter Christofferson '80

At-large member

A placeholder headshot.

Weida Stoecker '71


April Smith

April Smith '05

Community Service Chair

Amy Freese

Amy Freese '88

At-Large Member

Omar Tarabishi

Omar Tarabishi '13

Board Member


Zahra Ahmed '13

Board Member