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M Book

Organized pattern of illustrated enamel pins depicting Testudo, and the M Book on a Maryland Red Background

M Book: A guide to the UMD student experience

Get the backstory on university traditions.

From 1916 to 2001, first-year students turned to the M Book to figure out how to register for classes, learn the code of conduct and generally get a handle on the University of Maryland. It fizzled out after all of this information moved online. Now, the M Book is back—with fewer rules and a modern focus. You’ll instead find Maryland’s past, present and future—and your future, too.

Get the backstory on university traditions. Memorize the fight song’s lyrics. Follow real-life advice from recent grads. (Important: Never pass up a free T-shirt.) Take pride in the accomplishments of Terp alums. Become a part of Maryland’s legacy of fearlessness.

The 2023-2024 M Book will be delivered to all first-year students at this year's President's Welcome in the Fall semester, an event held during the Department of Residence Life's Fall Welcome weekend

*Note, the downloadable version is compressed into a .zip file

Contact Jessica Lee, the Alumni Association's Director of Engagement & Outreach at with questions or to request a plain text version.

A professional headshot of Jessica Lee, who has Maryland-themed broaches on the lapel of their blazer.

Jessica Lee

Director, Engagement and Outreach

The UMD Bucket List

The Bucket List features 20 "must do" action items to complete before you graduate. For every 5 items that you complete, you'll receive a commemorative pin. If you complete all 20, you'll receive a Traditions Keeper medallion to wear at graduation.

To get started on completing the UMD Bucket List, you will need to create a Portfolium account. Be sure to click Google and use your UMD email address to create an account.

Be sure to follow @UMDSALC on social media to know which days you can pick up your pin(s) throughout the year. Click below to get started! 

UMD Bucket List, with 20 action items students should complete before they graduate

UMD Bucket List 

Share your progress with friends on social media using #UMDMBOOK.

Bucket List Completion: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Login to CanvasOnce you login, click "Portfolium" on the left hand sidebar to launch your Portfolium account.
2. Click this M Book Pathway link to sign up for the M Book Bucket List tracker. You should see the M Book Bucket List pathway under your Portfolium account under "Tasks."
3. Once enrolled, you will see each Bucket List item and how to "get started" to complete. Some items will ask for photo uploads while some may ask for a text entry. 

Don't forget to read the instructions for each action item!

Once you have created a Portfolium account, each action item will require something different. For example, in order to complete the the "Get your copy of the M book" item, you will have to upload a photo of yourself with the M Book. Be sure to read the instructions for each item!

While you do not need to complete the items in order, you must complete the 5 items listed under each pin to receive the appropriate pin. You may start with any pin in the pathway!

The Student Alumni Leadership Council (SALC) will host several different pin pick up opportunities around campus throughout the year. For example, we will have table and locations all throughout Homecoming week each year in addition to other opportunities. 

Be sure to follow SALC on Instagram to find out when and where to pick up pins! If you cannot make it to a pin pick up, you may also stop by the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center during normal business hours (M-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm) to pick up your pin(s). 

Congratulations! Once you complete all 20, you are eligible to receive all 4 pins if you haven't already in addition to the Traditions Keeper medallion. 

Medallions are handed out every year during Grad Bash, an annual event hosted by the Alumni Association for graduating students. You will be able to pick up your medallion during the semester you graduate. 

Three Recent Graduates in full graduation regalia proudly present their M Book Lanyards for completing the UMD Bucket List

Three students with their Traditions Keeper medallions, for completing all 20 Bucket List items

M Book Archives

A digital archive of the original M book can be found with the University Libraries.