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CIVICUS Alumni Network

CIVICUS Alumni Network

The CIVICUS Alumni Network (CAN) exists to provide support, resources, and a connection to the CIVICUS Living & Learning Program for program alums. 

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Connect with us!

CIVICUS members at a tailgate

CAN members at a network event

Did You Know?

  1. There are more than 450 Terps who are part of the CIVICUS Alumni Network (CAN) community.
  2. We host events with the CIVICUS program, social events and service events.

Meet the Board

generic headshot

Liz Noles '17


generic headshot

Amina Brown '04

Vice President

generic headshot

Adele Hart '12


generic headshot

Shivam Khanna '17


generic headshot

Aaron Cahn '04

Student Engagement Chair

generic headshot

Mike Santini '11

Communications Chair

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Arnell Limberry '09

Board Member Emeritus