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Maybe someone helped you get where you are today. Maybe you are looking for a career change or just moved to a new community. Your Alumni Association offers opportunities to connect with your Terp network, both virtually and on campus.

Three Ways to Engage with Mentorship

Intern for a Day

Intern for a Day, through the University of Maryland University Career Center & The President's Promise, connects current UMD students with hosts for short-term job shadowing opportunities to explore potential career fields. It's a valuable experience for students, a unique recruiting tool and a rewarding volunteer experience.

  • In-person job shadowing: half day or full-day experiences for students (seeking professionals locally in DMV-area only).
  • Virtual informational interviews: 1-hour virtual informational interviews to give students good insight into your background, current work and industry (seeking professionals globally).

Get Involved with the Career Center

The Career Center & The President’s Promise offers a number of ways to share your expertise with fellow Terps, including:

  • Career Panels: Share career advice and industry insights with current UMD students;
  • Jobs & Internships: Hire students and recent graduates or offer employer information sessions on campus;
  • Mock Interview Clinics: Assist students with interview simulations;
  • Resume Clinics: Provide students with personalized feedback on their resumes.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Linda J. LeNoir, assistant director of alumni relations at the University Career Center, at (301) 314-7240 or

Terrapins Connect

Terrapins Connect is the University's virtual platform with the goal of connecting Terps from across the world with one another for mentoring, networking and professional opportunities. Whether you are looking to get advice or give advice, Terrapins Connect provides a way to get involved. By joining the platform, you gain access to thousands of fellow Terps, groups, formal and informal mentoring programs and an active discussion board led by the community. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Getting Started

Setting up your account is quick and easy! Once you do so, you'll be able to network, become a mentor, participate in group discussions, and much more!

  1. Go to the Terrapins Connect homepage.
  2. Click the "Join Your Community" button.
  3. Select a signup method (ex. LinkedIn, Email, SSO)
  4. Choose your User Type (ex. "Student, Alumni, Faculty/Staff)
  5. Fill out your background info (if you use LinkedIn, your information will auto-populate!)

You may need to wait for an admin to approve your account. If that's the case, you’ll receive an email once your account has been approved.

Terrapins Connect Platform FAQs

Signing up is easy. Go to and click on "Join Our Community." Mentors and mentees can choose to sign in through LinkedIn, Facebook or email.

It does only take a few minutes to sign up! Once you select your sign-in method, just enter some brief information about yourself, your goals and your availability.

The program will recommend connections based on your profile information. You can also choose to browse the entire TerrapinsConnect community by industry, major, location and more. Once you decide to reach out to a mentor, send a request to become officially paired.

Once they accept, they can send you a meeting invite for a phone call or video chat. You will receive emails to let you know when you've received a message.

Alumni can absolutely join seeking mentorship. As an alum, you can connect with other alumni in your city or industry of interest. If you are interested in mentoring students and gaining career advice, you can do both!

Yes, as a mentor you can choose the time commitment you are comfortable with. At any time, you can update your availability preferences, including how much time you’d like to commit and how many mentees you can support simultaneously. You can even sync your calendar!

We recommend that you try to connect with your mentees once every two weeks, but you can decide the best schedule for you and your mentee. You also have the option to decline connection requests from mentees if your schedule is full or if you think they are the wrong fit.

Make sure you have taken the matching quiz to set your preferences, filled out your profile and set your availability. This will make it easier for mentees to find you! Also, remember it may take a while for mentees to find you depending on the size of the program.

Additionally, check your spam folder in case of any lost messages. If you find messages are consistently appearing in spam, click the Help button in the bottom left of the Terrapins Connect platform.

Terrapins Connect does NOT have an anonymous profile option. We felt it was important for people to "see" the face of their mentor, especially since the initial contact between mentor and mentee is via email. If you need to remain anonymous but want to participate in this program, please contact

Terrapins Connect is powered by PeopleGrove, which uses your information solely "for the purpose of providing the Service, identifying and communicating with you, responding to your requests/inquiries, and improving the Service." To learn more, view PeopleGrove's Privacy Policy.

Each individual will use this resource differently. Some will have specific professional development questions, some will want to speak with people employed in specific industries or at specific organizations, some may need to talk through making their resume more concise. It will depend on you and how you feel you can best utilize Terrapins Connect.

Please email and explain you want your profile deleted from the system. We will remove you from the system within five business days.

We ask that you be open to all students on campus, as you never know how your experiences might related to them, even though they may not be an "expected" advisee (i.e.. an engineering student seeking advice from a lawyer or someone in the public sector).

No. You can set your availability to allow connection requests from the number of mentees that you are comfortable of. You can also deny any connection request if your schedule is full or you feel it is the wrong fit.

Yes. You can update your availability at any time by clicking the dropdown menu next to your icon in the top right. Select "My Preferences" and navigate to the "Availability" section in the left sidebar.

Mentors and mentees can choose to communicate as often as is convenient for them. If a mentor and mentee would like to stay connected long-term, the Resources section has helpful tips for coordinating future correspondence.

Signup FAQs