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News & Stories

Keep up with your fellow alumni through spotlights, Q&As and more! Read inspiring stories, professional advice and exciting updates from your fellow fearless alumni. You may even find an old friend or story that reminds you of the great times you spent here at The University of Maryland. 

Photo of the game box for Meet MahJong

Meet Mahjong

Driven by her love for the complex game, a passion passed down by her mother, Cara has spent nearly 20 years trying to make mahjong easier for her others to understand. This...
Terp Business Directory

Eight Reasons to Support Alum-Owned Businesses

The Terp Business Directory serves as a bridge between alums and the businesses that fellow alums have established, fostering a sense of community, support and mutual growth...
Photo of Aurora Tights Founders Sydney Parker ’16, Imani Rickerby ’17 and Jasmine Snead Ferguson ’18, MBA/MPP ’21

Aurora Tights, One of the Most Inclusive Hosiery Brands

Read about UMD alumnae Sydney Parker '16, Imani Rickerby '17 and Jasmine Snead Ferguson '18, MBA/MPP '21, who founded Aurora Tights out of a need to see athletes and performers...
Lauren Lefkowitz podcast Logo

Terp Insights: From Workaholism to Choice – A High-Achiever’s Story

In this short narrative, Lauren Leftkowitz '98 recalls how she changed her life with the help of a coach. From overload and feeling burnt-out, to a life of choice and purpose.
Hallie Williams, founder of Right Next Door

10 for TEN: Hallie Williams '95

Hallie Williams '95, founder of Right Next Door, discusses his advice for starting a journey in entrepreneurship. With vast experience working with new and seasoned...
Picture of UMD alums Ali and Atman Smith, co-founders of the Holistic Life Foundation

Let Your Light Shine - The Holistic Life Foundation's Promise

While most of us go through life trying to figure out our place in the world, it’s the people that look to inspire positive change in others that we remember most fondly. As...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Roy Schwartz '98

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Roy Schwartz '98

When Roy Schwartz ’98, MBA ’01 co-founded the online news website Axios in 2016, he was guided by a singular mission: articles would be 250 to 500 words, and bullet points would...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Adriana Avakian '12

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Adriana Avakian '12

Whether you’re asking Google for driving directions or enabling your computer’s spam filter, artificial intelligence – or AI – is an indispensable part of life. The idea that...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Seema Alexander '00

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Seema Alexander '00

In working with hundreds of growth-focused entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world, Seema Alexander ’00 starts with two simple questions: “Why does your business exist?” and...
Photo of UMD alumnus Adam Shaool

10 for TEN: Adam Emral Shaool

Founder of Thick-N-Thin Brewing Co, Adam Emral Shaool ’04, talks about bringing craft beer to Western Maryland. Read more to learn about his mission and what advice helped him...
Photo of UMD alumna Madinah James, Class of 1998

10 for TEN: Madinah James '98

Founder, CEO and Creative Consultant for MNJ Media Consulting, Madinah James ’98 discusses her take on diversifying domestic and international news. Below, she discusses how she...
Mohammed Sillah ’03

Mohammed Sillah ’03 - Happy Monday, A Vice Cream Parlor: An ice cream cart for adults!

Mohammed Sillah ’03 is the owner of Happy Monday Vice Cream. He is a class of 2003 Communications graduate of the University of Maryland College Park and was inspired to start...
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