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Information about the Career Week 2024 event

25+ exclusive career events January 23-27

Advance your career, elevate your expertise and connect with fellow Terps during the Alumni Association's third annual Career Week. With over 25 virtual and in-person programs, workshops, panels and member-exclusive & industry events, there is something for every Terp.

The Week's Events

Monday, Jan 23 | Launch

Monday Events

Leveraging Your Alumni Association to Level Up

Launch into the week by exploring our Monday sessions.

Tuesday, Jan 24 | Advance

Tuesday Events | Advance

2023 Maryland Metropolitan Education Expo

DEI and Disability in the Workplace

Career Design 101

How to Elevate Your Communication Style and Be Your Best Even Under Stress

Job Search Dos and Don'ts from a Recruiter in Annapolis

Job Negotiations: Myths and Tips at the Smith School

Wealth Management Networking

Tuesday is all about advancement. Where will you go next? 

Explore and Register for Tuesday Events
Wednesday, Jan 25 | Elevate

Wednesday Events | Elevate

Creating and Managing Innovation Workshop

Fearlessly Forward: A Conversation on Current Realities and Future Directions in Leadership

Your Job: Love It or List it

Terps Talk Tech: Maximizing Your CMNS Degree

Not all Statistics: My Life and Career Path

Terps in Education Virtual Networking Event

Expanding The Margins: DEI Case Studies in the Built Environment

Elevate your skills with our Wednesday sessions, leaving the day with new tools, skills and networks. 

Explore and Register for Wednesday Events
Thursday, Jan 26 | Connect

Thursday Events | Connect

Networking in Finance, Marketing and Legal Sectors

How to Network Effectively and Authentically

New York Terps Attorneys Happy Hour

Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less, Book Talk and Networking Event

Policy Careers: Alumni Changing the World

Terps in Law & Government with Honorable Judge Carlos F. Acosta

Resume and Interview Tips and Tricks

Thursday's events are all about making connections with fellow Terps. 80% of jobs come from networking so now's your time to shine!

Explore and Register for Thursday Events
Friday, Jan 27 | Reflect

Friday Events | Reflect

Evolving Minds: Resilience and Gratitude in Your Career Journey

Professional Headshots in Riggs

Giving Back and Connecting with Terrapins Connect

WEEKEND EVENT: Dress for Success Service Project

Join us for our final day of events as we wrap up the week. 

Explore and Register for Friday Events

Career Support Doesn't End Here

Explore Alumni Association Career Resources

Whether you're meeting with a Career Coach, attending a networking event or enhancing your skills at a webinar, the Alumni Association offers career support 365 days a year. 

Thank You to Our Career Week Sponsors