Description: Boston Terps are looking to connect Maryland alumni in the greater Boston area through social and professional networking opportunities. We are looking to build and expand the Boston Terps! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the board at

Events: Follow our Facebook page for information on upcoming events including game watches and networking events. Connect with us on LinkedIn!

Number of Members: Approximately 3,000 alumni live in the Greater Boston area.

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Meet the Board:

Richard Cohen ‘87
Greg Adelsberger `10

Tyra Priester ‘00
Vice President

Anthony Cirurso `13

Brian Tague ‘99
VP Communications

Monica Lesar `15

Brian Scholder

Patrick Sullivan `07

Matthew Bilow ‘04
VP Communications

Jake Barringer `16

Daniel Flynn ‘03
Past President

Tim Egan `87



Jessica Gaffney ‘01
Board Member
Chris Scott `13

Alex Inguaggiato
Board Member

Gopi Dhokai `10

Tyra Priester ‘00
Board Member
Alexa Goransson `02

Deanna Tarulli
Board Member
Katie Hamelburg `17




Upcoming Events:
Boston/Greater New England