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Information about the Women's Leadership Development Conference event

Terp Alumnae

Women's Leadership Development Conference

Friday, March 3 | 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center

Alumni Association Member: $10
Non-Member: $20

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Attendees will enjoy a day filled with inspiration, empowerment and opportunities to build connections with fellow Terp women.

A delicious start to the conference, while connecting with fellow attendees. 

Start the conference with a seat-friendly stretch from Terp alum Dawn Fichot, CEO and Founder of Racked Stretch, and hear from Amy Eichhorst, Associate Vice President, Alumni and Donor Relations Executive Director, University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Opening Plenary: The Power of You
Find your voice and exude confidence. Join us for the opening session of the 2023 Women's Leadership Development Conference, as we hear from experts in the field of communication and branding. Learn ways you can use your own story to make an impact.

Speakers: Bofta Yimam ’04, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Founder of StoryLede & National TV Correspondent, Marina Cooper ’03, Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Brand, The Johns Hopkins University, Lauren Banyar Reich ‘02, CEO & Founder of LBR PR, Cate Luzio ‘97, Founder and CEO, Luminary & The Glass Ceiling Nomad

Choose 1 to attend. Sessions will be first come first served for conference attendees. 

Building An EXTRAordinary Brand Reputation
Your brand is a blend of how you present yourself and how others perceive you. The journey of building an authentic brand begins with understanding your unique star power to create consistent and memorable experiences that build a strong reputation. During this session, you will learn how to boost your confidence, analyze the different elements that make up an authentic brand and utilize storytelling to deliver your brand clearly and consistently. Whether you are experimenting with your personal brand or thinking about reinventing yourself, this session will provide you with practical steps on how to build a strong reputation.
Speaker: Audrey Awasom ‘18, Founder and CEO of Audrey Awesome Group & Noble Uprising 

#IYKYK: Understanding Your Social Media Presence
In this day and age, social media is a powerful tool for sharing your story and making an impact, but the daily updates and constant developments can be difficult to navigate. Participate in this interactive session to help you elevate your social media presence and to use it as a leadership tool.
Speakers: Megan Barrett '23Meghana Kotraiah '24, Jessica Lee '14, M.Ed '19

Choose 1 to attend. Sessions will be first come first served for conference attendees.

Building and Managing Wealth

Discover tips and resources for building and managing your wealth.
Speakers: Rita Cheng ‘91, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Nicole Cole ‘91, Wealth Advisor, LPL Financial, Eden Lopez-Robles ‘97 , Managing Director, RBC Wealth Management, Veronica Fuentes ’12, Managing Director and Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

I can't make a career shift because I don't have enough experience. I'll never get promoted. I'll never get a new job. I can't advance my career and spend time with my family. I don't have what it takes to be a leader. It's not possible to find a job I love that pays me well and respects my responsibilities outside of work.

Are any of these thoughts the ticker tape running through your mind? If so, I can guarantee that you've got some limiting beliefs that are holding you back. What you believe about yourself is what you tell the rest of the world to believe about you. Thus, you create a world in which these things become real obstacles. How do you avoid doing that? Or if you've already spent a couple decades doing this, how do you change it? Join me for an interactive workshop where I will share the tools needed to begin to shift these stories that are holding you back from achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.
Speaker: Jessika Portney ‘08

Release Your Inner CHAMPION

Embrace the idea that you are a CHAMPION (Courageous, Healthy, Ambitious, Motivated, Persistent, Inspiring, One-of-A-Kind, and Never-Giving-Up). Periodically as women, we need reminders of how amazing we are. We take on so many titles and responsibilities that we forget about ourselves, the woman we were created to be.
Speaker: Tanasha Dalton MBA ’16, Founder of WHOA (Women Helping One Another)

Choose 1 to attend. Sessions will be first come first served for conference attendees.

What's Next: Less Drama, More Clarity and Confidence

When you are trying to figure out what's next in your career and life, do you feel confused, overwhelmed, or stuck? Join Kelly Lincoln Falcone '89 for a discussion about why it's normal for our brains to default to "decision drama", and how we can move through this common experience, get unstuck and create more clarity and confidence when pursuing our goals. 
Speaker: Kelly Lincoln Falcone ‘89, Owner, Kelly Falcone Coaching. Career and Life Coach for Moms

BOOM! Will You be Fit or Frail at 85?
Have you ever pictured your 85-year-old self? Join Cathy for a wellness wake-up call that takes an eye-opening look at how your current habits are helping to create your 85-year-old self, for better or for worse. After spending eight years surrounded by over 1400 people with an average age of 85, Cathy brings back her observations to younger generations and showcases why it’s never too early or too late to make important lifestyle changes right now, helping us feel better both now and later. You’ll be energized or re-energized about small habits that mean big results in maximizing physical health, brain function, and energy levels at every age.
Speaker: Cathy Richards '88, M.A. '91, Workplace Wellbeing Strategist, Healthy Aging Advocate, Author, and Speaker, Inspiring Vitality

Find Your Power with the Pause
Our results in life and business come from our response to the events around us. When we recognize the power of choosing our response, rather than reacting in the moment, we achieve our goals, find balance and integration and make our dreams come true. The pause, that small space between taking in information and reacting to it, is the most powerful tool in our success toolkit. Learn how to use it to maximize your results.
Speaker: Angie Dobransky ‘87, founder of RAD Strategic Partners, Inc. and co-author of “Life Lessons in Success”

Hear from a few University of Maryland leaders.
Speakers: Stephanie Shonekan, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, University of Maryland, Kimberly Griffin, Ph.D, Dean, College of Education, University of Maryland

Connect with fellow conference attendees, speakers and our sponsors while enjoying refreshments. During this session you will have a chance to sign up for a professional headshot.

Additional Components

Throughout the conference there will be an opportunity for attendees to take a professional headshot and donate mother and baby care items to The Napkin Network.

Jumpstart your connections

Check out the lead up events happening prior to the March 3 conference.

A group of Terp women posing in front of a yurt

In Community: A Terp Alumnae Social

Waredaca Brewing Company | Laytonsville, MD

Terp alumnae enjoyed an afternoon of food, beverages and community building at Waredaca Brewing Company.  This event already occurred. 

A group of women

How to Network Effectively and Authentically

Thursday, January 26, 2023 | 5:00-7:00 p.m. EST

Luminary | New York, NY

Making connections and maintaining relationships throughout your career are critical to navigating change, carving out your path, determining your next steps, or simply building a broad and diverse network. Join Cate Luzio '97, Amy Shoenthal '05, Eden Lopez-Robles '97, Aliya Thomas '97 and Jaime Klein '94 for IRL networking. Learn how to network effectively, build relationships authentically and leverage your connections to reach your goals. 

A group of Terp women posing together

Empowering Activism: How to Get Yourself and Others Going

Thursday, Feb. 9 | Noon-1pm EST


Learn the "Seven Steps to Successful Advocacy" and get inspired to empower yourself and others to make a difference. From PTAs to politics and community engagement to countrywide impact, hear from a panel of distinguished women as they share their personal journeys in activism and advocacy. 

Moderator: Dr. Bey-Ling Sha, M.A. '95, PhD '99
Panelists: Dr. Stephanie Madden, M.A.'11, Genna Rosenberg, '95 and Erin Coller.