1. How do I know if I'm a member of the University of Maryland Alumni Association?

You are a member of the alumni association if you joined by paying a membership fee: $55 for single memberships, $70 for joint memberships. Three-year and life memberships are also available. Take advantage of our Auto Dues Renewal Program for potential savings! Recent UMD alumni (fewer than three years out) receive special discounted rates. Members receive a membership card, entitling them to many member benefits. Learn more.

2. How do I join the alumni association if I attended the University of Maryland, College Park but didn't graduate?

The alumni association welcomes membership from all Terps who attended the University of Maryland for at least one class. Friends and fans of the university may also join. Join now!

3. How do I receive my membership card?

You should receive your membership card within two to three weeks from the date the association receives your application form. If you don't receive your card within this time frame, contact the association at 800.336.8627 or 301.405.4678.

4. How do I locate a former classmate?

All University Maryland, College Park graduates can search for friends and make new connections through the Online Alumni Community.

5. How do I access the Campus Recreation Center?

The association offers members access to campus recreation facilities for $165 per semester or $494 per year. For more details, visit campus recreation facilities or call 301.405.7529.

6. How do I learn about alumni events in my area?

The alumni association's calendar lists local, regional and international events. You can also contact one of our alumni networks to find activities in your area.

7. How do I find an alumni club in my local area?

You can find alumni networks by region, academic areas or special interests here.

8. How do I find a job?

Please contact Linda LeNoir, assistant director University Career Center, at llenoir@umd.edu or 301.314.7240 to learn more about career services for alumni. 

9. How do I update my email or home address?

Please complete the update your record form.

If you're already registered with the Online Alumni Community, log in now to make sure your information is current. Build connections, find a mentor or mentees and search job posting, as well as:

  • Organize your online content all in one place (photo albums, news feeds & videos);
  • Write, publish and promote blogs;
  • Keep your former classmates up-to-date through Class Notes;
  • Log into the Online Alumni Community with your Facebook username and password via Facebook Connect.

10. How do I get an email account?

Graduates from the Class of May 2005 and after may continue using their umd.edu accounts. However, you must return to Testudo and update your email address field with your new address (where umd.edu will forward email to) once the Division of Information Technology notifies you.

Graduates from the Class of May 2005 and before are eligible to establish an e-mail forwarding service with a terpalum.umd.edu domain (for example, yourname@ terpalum.umd.edu). To activate your account, you must first register through the Online Alumni Community. After registering, please follow the steps below:

  • Click on update my info, login and then click on update my profile on https://umd.alumniq.com/signup to set up email forward.
  • Confirm the preferred email address (this will be the final email destination)
  • Create your own address such as yourname@ terpalum.umd.edu. You can share this address with friends and family, however, it is NOT a "real" email address with an inbox. Instead, emails sent to this address are automatically forwarded to the real email address you have in the "Preferred Email" address field.

For more information, please send an email to alumni@umd.edu.

11. How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Contact the Office of the Registrar: http://registrar.umd.edu/former/
If you were enrolled at University College or overseas in Adult Education courses, call 301.985.7000.

12. How do I buy University of Maryland plates?

License plates featuring the University of Maryland logo or Testudo graphic are $35 for Alumni Association members and $50 for non-members. For more information or to order a tag, please call 800.336.8627 or send an email to alumni@umd.edu. Delivery takes about four to six weeks.

Alumni in Virginia can now order a Terp license plate directly through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website.

13. How do I attain my library barcode so that I can borrow books from campus libraries?

UMD Libraries offers one comprehensive community borrowers program. All new community borrowers pay a fee to obtain and renew library-borrowing privileges to check out materials. Alumni Association members pay $25 annually to obtain and renew borrowing privileges; nonmembers pay $50. Visit the UMD Libraries website for details.

14. How do I get discounts on tickets to athletic events?

Contact the Terrapin Athletics Ticket Office: http://www.umterps.com/ot/ticket_info.html

2740 Xfinity Center
College Park, MD 20742

Contact Us
Phone: 301.314.7070 or 800.IM.A.TERP
Fax: 301.314.4920
Email: terptix@umd.edu

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.­–5 p.m.
The ticket office is on the second level of the Xfinity Center

15. How do I purchase a class ring?

Class rings are now available through the official Class Ring Program. For more information, contact Membership Services at 800.336.8627 or alumni@umd.edu.

16. How do I register for the Online Alumni Community?

All graduates and members of the alumni association have access to the Online Alumni Community. To register for free, click here.

17. How do I retrieve my password and user ID to the Online Alumni Community if I cannot remember them?

If you are registered in the Online Alumni Community but cannot remember your password or user ID, send an email to alumni@umd.edu.

18. How do I rent space in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center?

To inquire about renting space in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, call 301.405.9756 or send an email to Riggs4Events@ur.umd.edu.

19. How do I contribute to the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center?

The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, built by alumni for alumni, is funded by private donations. For information on naming and other giving opportunities, contact Amy Eichhorst at 301.405.2102 or aeich@umd.edu.