Introducing the brand-new UMD Champions. Our Maryland bragging program is an opportunity to share your UMD pride with the world. We send you curated and tailored pride points, news and more about Maryland, and you simply click to share with your social networks. 


How does it work?

Easy - First make sure you're following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then sign up for UMD Champions with your preferred email, and we’ll send you monthly content and news. Simply click the share button within our emails to post onto your social media. It’s that simple. You can even select which types of news you prefer.

When can I expect content?

We send out new content at least twice a month, but you may receive less or more content based on your communication preferences.

What kind of content do you send?

We send out UMD "Pride Points," interesting and amazing facts about Maryland and our Terps. You'll also receive special news such as "UMD Ranked No. 19 Among Public Schools" and "UMD Top Ten School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship."

What if I have other questions about UMD Champions?

You can email us at