The University of Maryland Champions are a proud and spirited group of ambassadors dedicated to elevating the reputation of the University of Maryland.


UMD Champions promote significant university activities, programs and initiatives; grow and foster connections between the university and its community; and share messages that advance the university’s mission and goals while educating the broader public about timely and important issues.

It doesn’t matter if you just have a few minutes or a few hours to spare, you can tell our story and advocate for the university’s future.

You Decide Your Level of Participation

As a UMD Champion, you can choose to:

  • Tell your family, friends and colleagues about university happenings
  • Retweet or post monthly messages on your social media networks
  • Forward monthly messages via email
  • Recruit other champions
  • Attend or speak at UMD events
  • Share your Maryland story

Questions? Email: