Description: The University of Maryland Black Alumni (UMBA) reconnects black alumni with one another and the university. Together we have the power to impact issues that are important to our community and alma mater.

Founded: 2011

Events: Annual Summer Cookout, Gift of Giving Gala, Minority Entrepreneur Showcase, Black Terps Service Day, Annual Block Show

Number of Members: 16,451

Contact Info:

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Meet the Board:

Cassie Duah '05
Picture of Cassie Duah

Chmaika Mills '03
Vice President
Picture of Chmaika Mills

Amandine Togbe '13
Picture of Amandine Togbe

Sabriyah Hassan '02
Events Chair
Picture of Sabriyah Hassan

Sonya Brown '02
Marketing & Communications Chair
Picture of Sonya Brown

Cherisse McKenzie '10
GOLD Chair

Image of Cherisse McKenzie

Miesha Suber '03
Member at Large
Picture of Miesha Suber

Thomas Dawson '13
Member at Large
Picture of Thomas Dawson

Marissa Ceaser '16
Membership Chair
Picture of Miesha Suber
Bert Williams '96
Immediate Past President
Picture of Bert Williams

The University of Maryland Black Alumni (UMBA) network facilitates Black alumni involvement at our alma mater and in the greater community.  UMBA  serves as a support system and champion of issues that are important to Black alumni.  Please read UMBA's official statement regarding the social injustice that continues to plague our nation.