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Terp Alumni Ambassador Program

As a Terp Alumni Ambassador, you will join the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in recruiting the most academically talented and diverse class of future Terps! You will be able to connect one-on-one with prospective students, participate in college fairs within your community, attend local area receptions, connect with admitted students, and get involved with on campus programs.

Get Involved

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The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers a number of ways for you to connect with future Terps: 

  • College fairs: Meet with and answer questions from prospective students and their families in your local area. 
  • On-campus events: Share your Maryland experience with prospective students during Fall Open House, EDGE (Experience Diversity, Growth and Excellence) Program, and Maryland Day! 
  • Local receptions: Mix and mingle with newly admitted students and their families in your local area.


To learn more about any alumni ambassador opportunities or resources, please contact Jessica Lee.

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Jessica Lee

Manager, Student and Recent Graduate Engagement


The goal of the Terp Alumni Ambassador program is to connect alumni with prospective and admitted students within their community or regional areas. As an Alumni Ambassador you will support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in our recruitment efforts, by attending college fairs across the country and participating locally in on-campus recruitment events.

We offer virtual training and refreshers for alumni ambassadors about six times a year. During training the following topics are covered:

  • What is a Terp Alumni Ambassador
  • What prospective students may ask at college fairs
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • College fair logistics

We ensure all of our Terp Alumni Ambassadors are well trained, excellent representatives of UMD and excited to recruit future Terps!

Terp Alumni Ambassadors play a crucial role in ensuring that UMD is well-represented at recruitment programs and events. Terp Alumni Ambassadors share their personal insight about their Terp student education and experience to talented, motivated and gifted high school students. Terp Alumni Ambassadors support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions recruitment efforts as well as our mission to provide information on college accessibility and affordability to all students from all backgrounds.