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Careers for the 'whole self' with Nassim Ebrahimi

Careers for the 'whole self' with Nassim Ebrahimi

Nassim Ebrahimi '00 front profile photo

By Andrew Faught

A former associate vice president for Prince George’s Community College, Nassim Ebrahimi ‘00 started to rethink her career ambitions during the Covid lockdown of 2020.

“It was that turning point where everybody was reflecting, because we had more time to reflect,” she says. “Now I have a career mashup happening.”

Ebrahimi counts a trio of careers on her resume these days: she’s CEO of Ebrahimi Consulting, Inc., which advises community colleges across the country on everything from accreditation to learning outcome assessments; she leads an online indoor rowing class with 200,000 members; and she hosts “Becoming My Stronger Me,” a podcast that blends her personal story with psychology.

After what she describes as a period of thoughtfulness and planning, Ebrahimi, who earned two bachelor's degrees at the University of Maryland in neurobiology & physiology, as well as psychology, forayed into areas that embody her passion for education.

Nassim Ebrahimi '00 taking notes on a notebook while looking at her computer

“The podcast is a venue for education and reflection, the rowing is a venue for education in the physical space, and making a difference in higher ed is that more holistic, large-scale effort,” she says.

Ebrahimi advises others who want to branch out professionally to “be curious about successful people,” and engage with them and be observant when it comes to what’s driving their success. There are other equally important skills that come into play, she notes.

“I am extremely good at time management and goal-setting, both in terms of daily checklists, short-term goals, and long-term goals,” Ebrahimi says. “I always have my sights set on where I’m headed and how to get there. For me, it really is about openness to opportunities in whatever form they come and having the confidence in my core skill sets and aligning them with my values and passions.”

Her passion for education started at Maryland, where Ebrahimi worked in the lab of Nathan Fox, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology.

“I got some incredible experiences on how research can be collaborative and human-focused,” she says. “I fell in love with research, and I fell in love with teaching.” Ebrahimi has taught numerous psychology courses at universities in Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

In the big picture, Ebrahimi says her career transformation is about a higher purpose.

“I am serving my whole self, and I’m not relying on a single career path or job title to do that,” she says. “I’m intentional about making sure I’m serving my whole self so I can be challenged and nurtured at the same time.”


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