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Five ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Five ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month - September 15 to October 15

By Mateo Aycardi

Terps, ha llegado el momento de celebrar Hispanic Heritage Month! This global celebration of Latinos highlights the many contributions, traditions and impactful ways that Hispanic people have helped shape the United States. It provides the opportunity for countless different cultures to come together and celebrate the many qualities that make us unique.

With that in mind, here’s five different ways you can celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your Terp friends and family:

1. Bask in Latino Entertainment & Music

Explore the many different ways that Latinos have brought joy to your home. A perfect way to start is by watching Disney’s “Encanto” or “Coco” as you eat some traditional Hispanic cuisines and desserts (like arroz con leche and empanadas).

Follow this up by listening to some of the best Latino singers as they inspire you with their all-time greatest hits. You can also visit UMD’s The Clarice for related upcoming events, such as Brian Marsella’s Gatos do Sul.

The Colombian Men's World Cup team dancing Cumbia after a goal.

2. Take part in Awesome Hispanic Celebrations

Latinos have a strong tradition of dance and music that’s truly tough to beat. Celebrate by attending Hispanic Heritage Month festivals and enjoying the festivities with family and friends. Dance and music is at the forefront of many Hispanic cultures and traditions, including Colombia's World Cup 'cumbia' celebrations.

If you’re a Hispanic UMD graduate, consider joining the Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) with the University of Maryland Alumni Association. LAN offers exclusive events and a dedicated community full of Latino Terps who are ready to network, make friends and enjoy life #Juntos. Check out some awesome Terp representation at the 2023 Hispanic Heritage Month Festival in Prince George's County.

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Hispanic Heritage Festival Goers!

3. Explore Delicious Hispanic Cuisines

Latino communities are known for their culinary treasures and recipes. Try your luck at making homemade empanadas, tacos and/or arroz con pollo. For desserts, Dulce de leche and Tres Leches cake are some of my all-time favorites. You can even bring friends and family together for a Hispanic Heritage Month fiesta.

4. Learn about Hispanic Contributions Throughout the World

With Hispanics making up 19 percent of the U.S population, it’s no surprise that we’ve had many wonderful contributions from Latino innovators in various different fronts of life. From music to medicine and even groundbreaking new inventions, Hispanic minds have molded much of the modern world. Take a look at some Hispanic inventors and how they've shaped much of the life you live today.

With 10 percent of all current UMD undergraduate students identifying as Hispanic/Latino, we know they’re destined to bring about significant and impactful changes on the world. Like these notable hispanic UMD alumni!

5. Support Local Hispanic Charities and Businesses

A perfect way to celebrate is donating to local Hispanic charities or buying from Terp businesses with a Latino background. For example, the Latinx Student Scholarship Fund provides scholarship support for students who demonstrate a commitment to the Latinx community and/or who are pursuing a U.S. Latina/o Studies major/minor at the University of Maryland. The fund was established by UMD alumni and continues to serve as a positive force for educational awareness and attainability for Latino students.

Celebrating inclusivity and diversity is what makes the University of Maryland one of the top public institutions in the country. Our drive to learn from each other and recognizing what makes us different gives us a unique perspective on life. Because although we’re not all alike, one thing we do share is our drive to Stay Fearless.

Vamos Terps!


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