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Former Board of Governor's President Jeff Rivest ’75 Reflects on a Year of Growth

Former Board of Governor's President Jeff Rivest ’75 Reflects on a Year of Growth

Jeff Rivest '75 at an Alumni Association event

By Sala Levin '10

When Jeffrey Rivest ’75 began his term as president of the Alumni Association’s board of governors, the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was a fresh memory. At a time when people were still exhausted from two years of quarantining and worrying, Rivest strove to continue energizing alums’ interest in membership and events–a challenge he said he is proud that the Alumni Association met, in part by expanding programming across the country.

“We really made efforts post-Covid to serve alums in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, and Florida,” Rivest said. “All these places have a lot of Terp grads, and it was rewarding to see that work.”

Newly retired when he assumed the role of president in 2022, Rivest found himself with the time to give back to the university. Memories of his time as president of Phi Delta Theta inspired him to get involved in Alumni Association leadership.

Professional head shot of Jeff Rivest '75

During his tenure, the implementation of the Alumni Association’s strategic plan was a major milestone. Membership and attendance at events increased, and the Alumni Association began to strengthen its efforts to engage every student starting from day one.

“When you enter as a freshman, you already know about the Alumni Association.” he noted.“ Over the next four or five years, you see what the Alumni Association is doing. We’re helping with job searches, internships and connections to employment. We want Terp seniors to graduate already knowing about everything the Alumni Association can do for them, and hopefully they’re ready to join.”

Rivest’s favorite moments from his time as president include Homecoming, the annual holiday party in Washington, D.C., and the many online programs that reached Terps around the globe.

For Rivest, the major perk of the Alumni Association is its “tremendous network that cuts across numerous industries.” Though membership is diverse in terms of geography, age, race and culture, “the commonality is Terp spirit.”

Over his time as president, Rivest learned that there are thousands of Terps who want to be involved and contribute to the success of the university. “For the most part, I found that if you ask them, they say yes. They’re happy to be involved.”

As Laurie De Armond ’94 continues to helm the Alumni Association as its new president, Rivest is keeping up that spirit of Terps helping Terps. “She’s going to do a great job. My only advice would be: don’t hesitate to ask a Terp for help!”


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