The Baltimore Terps Alumni Network primarily serves Terps who live and work in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. The network welcomes alumni, fans and friends to participate in its activities and events.

Events: The Baltimore Alumni Network annually hosts game watches, brewery tours and tastings, happy hours, service opportunities and networking events. We’ve hosted O’s games, tours at Terp-owned Union Craft Brewing Company, networking opportunities, park cleanups and more. 

Please see the event calendar for a list of official game watch events.

Number of Alumni: More than 20,000 alumni live in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

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Meet the Board:

Rachel Hess
Nicholas Grant `10

Rachel Hess
Past President
Rachel Hess `07

Joe Koehler '07
Vice President
Lorin Sheaffer `08

Joe Koehler '07
Membership Chair
Joe Koehler `07

Jonathan Peak

Weida Stoecker `71

Jonathan Peak

Game Watch Chair
Jonathan Peak `03

Community Service Chair

April Smith `05

Marketing Chair

Randy Doak `07











Upcoming Events: