Description: The Prince George’s County Terps Alumni Network is a network for Terps that reside and/or are employed in Prince George’s County. Located just miles from our alma mater, we love to engage local alumni through a variety of programming.

Events: The network holds suite parties (football and men’s and women’s basketball), service events, educational opportunities, and wine tastings. Our marquee event, a wine tasting where we honor the Goddard Medal Winner, is typically held in the spring at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center.

Number of Members: More than 26,000 alumni live in Prince George’s County.

News and Information:
Please read our statement regarding the social injustice that continues to plague our nation. 

Network Board

Sean Whalen '09


Shanna Price

Vice President

Tima McGuthry-Banks '92


Selena Villanueva '19

Board Member

Pat Myers '65

Board Member

Lauren Niles '11

Board Member

Yvonne Brooks '77

Board Member

Patti Jenkins '80

Board Member

Carey Lewis '20

Board Member