Charlotte Wang Wagner ‘90
Nov 24
It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years! I graduated from the University of Maryland in December of 1990 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Vlad Lokshin ‘09 close up, black and white photo
Nov 20
You can’t help but think that the experience Vlad Lokshin ‘09 had at the University of Maryland had something to do with the name of his venture, Turtle.

Dave Via ’86 and Lauri Via ’86 in front of the M Circle
Nov 19
When Dave and Lauri (Boyce) Via graduated together in 1986, they never left their university far behind.

Friday Five, Featuring Your Major Turned Into Digital Characters
Nov 19
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

Adrienne (Freeman) Nicole ‘03 on NYC streets
Nov 17
With jobs at the sketch comedy series “Chappelle’s Show” and the music and talent series “Showtime at the Apollo,” Adrienne (Freeman) Nicole ’03 began her production career before she even graduated from UMD.

President Pines and Mrs. Sylvia Pines speak at the Pines Town Hall
Nov 11
Reminisce over the Alumni Association's first-ever virtual Homecoming week.

Friday Five, Featuring A Look Back: Virtual Homecoming 2020
Nov 11
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

LaTanya Anderson’s '92
Nov 10
LaTanya Anderson’s '92 journey toward a 20-year government career might have started on the school bus.

Friday Five, Featuring "The David C. Driskell Papers"
Nov 05
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center entrance with red carpet
Oct 29
While the event landscape has been altered this year, we fall back on the imagination that brought the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center to life.

The M Circle in fall
Oct 29
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

James Fayal ‘12
Oct 28
On October 7, 2020, the Student Alumni Leadership Council (SALC) hosted their second ever “Built to Be Bold” event with James Fayal ‘12.

Sarah Clement ‘23
Oct 28
Sarah Clement ‘23, from Bethesda, Md., is currently in her second year at the University of Maryland. 

Eddie Osefo ‘06
Oct 26
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea you’d like to put into action? Well Eddie Osefo ‘06 and the TKO Agency (@thetkoagency) are here to help!

Shari Chase ‘80
Oct 23
How do I pay for college without breaking the bank? This is the question that is asked most often by high school students and their parents. 

Oct 20
In the eight years since Prannoy Nambiar ’12 left the University of Maryland, he’s been cooking up a big idea, one meant to bring innovation and equality to education.

Friday Five, Featuring Your (Well-Deserved) Mini Vacation
Oct 16
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

Ajay Gupta ’95, M.A. ’98
Oct 15
By Allison Eatough ‘97

Natalie Guerra ’12 with Testudo
Oct 13
As a freshman commuter, Natalie Guerra ’12 found it hard to connect with the thousands of Terps she passed on campus every day.

Friday Five, Featuring UMD's Rescue Dogs
Oct 09
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

The three founders of Maryland-based Wild Kombucha: Adam Bufano (left) Sid Sharma (middle) Sergio Malarin ‘13 (right) (Courtesy of Wild Kombucha)
Oct 08
Before Co-Founder Sergio Malarin ’13 was selling Wild Kombucha in over 900 stores across 9 states, he and his two friends and co-founders, Adam Bufano and Sid Sharma were making kombucha out of the side of a juice shop in Baltimore.

Noreen Welch ’90 with Testudo at a Maryland game
Oct 05
As a computer science student, Noreen Welch ’90 loved all things UMD – especially going to university basketball and football games.

Farrel Vogelhut ‘71, M.A. ‘80
Oct 03
Farrel Vogelhut ‘71, M.A. ‘80 loved college so much, he kept coming back for more.

Friday Five, Featuring Which Maryland Color Are You? Bronze Testudo wearing a Maryland face mask
Oct 02
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

A young Jim Henson and Kermit
Sep 25
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

Alka Bhave '96 and Bhaskar Bhave '01
Sep 24
After a family health scare, Alka Bhave '96 and Bhaskar Bhave '01 decided to turn a passion project into reality by launching their nonprofit, Lifelong Health & Fitness.

Pi-Isis S. Ankhra ’97, smiling
Sep 21
Pi-Isis S. Ankhra ’97 has scaled many walls as a one-time national campaign operative, a public school educator and artist and consultant for multiple non-profit organizations and charitable endowments.

Vanilla, orange and strawberry ice cream cones sprinkled with blueberries and fresh mint leaves
Sep 18
Welcome to the Friday Five, a roundup of the best your Alumni Association and other UMD communities have to offer. From the latest events to fun facts, here’s essentials in five categories for you to check out this weekend.

Ben Parks, Ph.D. ’25 addressing a College Park Scholars crowd
Sep 15
It was June 1, and Ben Parks, Ph.D. ’25 was angry and exhausted.

Keith Risser ’70 Standing Waist-Deep in Water
Sep 10
By Kimberly Marselas ’00

Sep 08
Mary Schulman ‘97 and Amy Carr ‘97 believe that the makeup you put on your face should be cruelty free, hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals.

Testudo in front of a campfire
Aug 31
Future Terps and  University of Maryland alumni got to participate in a one-of-a-kind experience this summer: Camp Diamondback.

Aug 27
When John Czupak ’89 graduated from UMD with his MBA, personal computers and mobile phones weren’t everyday essentials on campus, and the internet and cloud computing, as we know it, didn’t exist.

Boutique Home Store
Aug 26
A shifting economy, uncertain political futures and a pandemic that seems here to stay - we’re not going to lie, times are tough. 

Patricia Steele PhD ‘07
Aug 25
Patricia Steele, PhD, is the principal and founder of Higher Ed Insight (HEI), a research and evaluation firm headquartered in Washington, DC.

Jenn Sherman ’14 before a microphone
Aug 20
This spring, Jenn Sherman ’14 found herself spending more time in a podcast studio than she ever imagined — and most of that “studio” time was in her home near Washington, D.C.’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood.

Marissa & Adam Goldstein ‘07 sitting on a porch with their kids
Aug 18
Empowering parents from diverse communities...all in a day’s work for enTERPreneurs Marissa Goldstein ‘07 and Adam Goldstein ‘07.

Chayla Jackson '10
Aug 14
Chayla Jackson’10 pulls from her experience as a lawyer, entrepreneur and overall fierce woman as she wrote her book, “Build a Legit Business.”

Obi Egekeze ‘08, ’09
Aug 13
Obi Egekeze ‘08, ’09 didn’t have much free time at UMD. As a placekicker for the Maryland Terrapins football team and a business student earning two degrees, he spent most of his days between the field and Van Munching Hall.

Aurelia Michael ‘07
Aug 07
Aurelia Michael was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, with a dual-degree in Dance and Business Management.

Alexander Mikhailovsky ’18
Aug 03
Alexander Mikhailovsky ’18 didn’t have much time to celebrate his graduation from the Robert H. Smith School of Business. 

Colleen Bass ‘14
Jul 31
Colleen Bass ‘14 is the Director of Alumni Engagement on the west coast for the University of Maryland Alumni Association - she joined the team after serving as an alumni network volunteer for several years.

Jul 28
After losing her mom to cancer at a young age and having her own challenges with chronic knee and back pain, Kate Shin ‘08 appreciates the value of being healthy. 

Mac Gardner ‘98
Jul 24
Mac Gardner ‘98, Terp alumnus and author of “The Four Money Bears” believes it is never too early to start a conversation with your kids about money.

Jason Gates ’11
Jul 21
The dark recesses of New York City’s subway system may seem an odd place for a bright idea.

Rodney Core
Jul 17
Rodney Core is the Business Coordinator for the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Joe Caprara ‘05
Jul 15
Joe is currently the Co-Founder, COO and CTO of Boxton, a Cloud Logistics Platform with the goal of bringing world-class, enterprise level shipping to companies of all sizes.

Jul 10
In our next installment of our “Meet the Staff” series, we want to introduce you to three members of the Alumni Association staff who are responsible for our new virtual summer camp, Camp Diamondback!

Charlie King '22 with his friends at a flash mob game.
Jul 06
When your campus is over 160 years old, it’s next to impossible to find a tradition that hasn’t been created yet.

Sydney Callahan ’15
Jul 02
Sydney Callahan ’15 loves the wait that comes with planting garlic, settling a clove into the ground for a long winter’s rest and seeing the leaves begin to wilt in Nevada’s July heat.

Daniela Marciano ‘21
Jun 30
Daniela Marciano ‘21 is a general biology student on the pre-professional track at the University of Maryland.

Nick Kurgansky ‘13
Jun 26
Nick Kurgansky ‘13 decided to leave his government job to become an entrepreneur.

Unfurling the Maryland Flag
Jun 24
A couple times every year, my father gets together with his old UMD classmates. Reliving their days at Bentley’s (and several drinks into the night), they tell me, “Your younger generation doesn’t love UMD as much as we do.” To that, I ask them, “Have you ever seen someone love a flag this much?” 

Jasmine Snead ‘18, MBA/MPP ‘21
Jun 19
Jasmine Snead’s name may look familiar as this Terp won the $15,000 grand prize at the 2019 Pitch Dingman Competition, UMD’s annual “Shark Tank”-style business event. Read on to learn more about Jasmine and her company, Aurora Tights. 

Victoria Nefflen ‘20
Jun 15
Victoria Nefflen ‘20 is a  government and politics major, minoring in global terrorism and international development and conflict management whograduated this past May.

Mollee Kruger ‘50
Jun 11
What are you waiting for? Get writing! 

Jun 09
As a current student at UMD one of the things that inspires me most is hearing success stories of Terp alumni.

Bake Delicious Testudo Cookies!
Jun 03
Craving something sweet? Tarte and Craft Bakery owner Andi Kenney '05 has whipped up adorable Testudo cookies, and is showing you how to do the same!

 Steve Kaffen '67
Jun 01
Steve Kaffen ‘67 just might be the most interesting man in the world.

Anthony Johnson ‘10
May 28
Ever since he was a teenager, Anthony Johnson ’10 has wanted a career in sports management. 

May 26
Growing up, I believed that my college experience would be something out of a TV show, daring antics everyday and life experiences captured on black and white film before I entered a disillusioned “real world.”

Pramod Raheja ‘91
May 20
Persistent. Friendly. Kind. That’s how Pramod Raheja ‘91, CEO & Co-founder of Airgility, a company that designs and creates multi-mission drones, describes himself. 

May 18
Gabby Christopher ‘21 is a proud Terp who loves to be active in the UMD community.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
May 15
Over the past few weeks, I have had the time to watch a lot of shows, maybe even a slightly concerning amount.

Sienna Webster
May 08
Sienna Webster is the Event Sales Manager for the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Sid Chakravarthy ‘13
May 07
Scientists hope to soon produce a vaccine that prevents the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). When that day comes, Sid Chakravarthy ’13 and his company, StaTwig, could be among the vaccine’s guardians, ensuring it travels safely to people around the world.

Jessica Woodard '21
May 06
As a junior at the University of Maryland, I am regularly looking for career advice on how to approach entering the current workforce after I graduate next year.

Lauren Norris '11, '16
May 01
Lauren Norris ‘11, ‘16 is the Director of Advocacy and Engagement for the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

Healthy Snacks
Apr 30
Our new way of life brings an opportunity to be more intentional about how we feed our bodies. If you are anything like me, you snack throughout the day, so it becomes even more important to switch out the hot Cheetos and Twix bars for something a little more nutritious.

Le-Marie Thompson '01
Apr 27
As a senior product manager for a satellite communications company, Le-Marie Thompson ’01 spent years developing devices to help people in crisis communicate.

Taylor Jimeson with Her Dog Tucker
Apr 24
Taylor Jimeson, pictured here with Tucker, her adorable 2.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog, is the Assistant Director of Membership Marketing for the University of Maryland Alumni Association.

SALC Outside the First Look Fair
Apr 21
If you turn on your favorite college movie, I guarantee there will be some mention or scene of a club fair of some kind. 

Apr 20
It has never been a better time to support the Terp community and small businesses. If you are a Terp business owner, or know of a Terp-owned business, we want to hear from you!  

Ellie Geraghty
Apr 17
Welcome to our new “Meet the Staff” blog series. Here we will introduce you to the hardworking team members at the University of Maryland Alumni Association who help connect you with fellow Terps, prepare you for new opportunities and strengthen your legacy and alma mater.

Julia Hall '20 with Testudo in from of McKeldin Library.
Apr 16
With each passing semester comes a plethora of projects, exams, interviews and more, resulting in stresses so great that they can only be alleviated by the one and only Testudo, our trusty mascot. 

Woody Derricks '97 with his dogs, Fenway and Roxy.
Apr 15
When Woody Derricks ’97 began his career as a financial advisor in California, three of his first five clients were same-sex couples. 

Stack of Books
Apr 10
This increase of time on our hands is the perfect opportunity to step away from our TV screens, laptops and phones for an hour or two each day and open a book.

Ally Johnson '20 using her laptop.
Apr 09
As a generally health-conscious individual, not to mention a current student in the School of Public Health, I am always on the hunt for new podcasts that bring me up-to-date on the latest health news and trends.

Andrew String '21 at the top of the Maryland Stadium.
Apr 07
When you drive onto campus it’s hard to miss Maryland Stadium: a true UMD landmark not only for Terps in 2020, but for all Terps dating back into the early 1950’s when the stadium was constructed.

Lemony tuna kale salad.
Apr 03
With new-found time on my hands, I have been increasingly mindful of what I put in my body. There are no more quick, nutritionless breakfasts while I rush to an early morning meeting, and no more eating lunch out because I didn’t have the chance to pack anything.

Testudo coloring book page.
Apr 01
The University of Maryland Activity Book provides fun for all ages! Whether you are homeschooling, need a brain break, or just looking for a Terp-themed word search, we’ve got you covered.

Woman performing the plank exercise.
Mar 27
You may be trying to maintain some normalcy amidst our new lifestyle changes, I know I am. One big way we can do this, is by continuing to carve out time for our physical health and wellbeing. Exercise can improve our mental health and overall mood, while giving us the burst of energy we need to power through the day. 

Adam Wenchel '99
Mar 26
Adam Wenchel ’99 wasn’t necessarily hardwired for a career in computer science, but formative experiences at the University of Maryland led to some major reprogramming. Initially an engineering student, he used the then-new Linux operating system to put WAMU’s servers online and make the radio station one of the first five in the nation to livestream.

Cate Luzio '97
Mar 04
When former financial services executive Cate Luzio ’97 launched Luminary NYC in 2018, she kept a running list of success stories growing out of her women-oriented collaborative space.   In less than a year, they were too numerous to count.

Lisa Dorsey
Feb 24
Lisa Dorsey spent more than two decades as an institution equity research sales professional to institutional investors. She worked on the front lines of investing with some of the greatest investors of our generation. Dorsey shares some insights here.

Students painting at a Terps After Dark event
Sep 23
Each fall, the University of Maryland Division of Student Affairs hosts Terps After Dark, a series of substance-free late-night programs during the first six weeks of the semester. This year, the University of Maryland Alumni Association hosted its second annual Paint Night event at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center as part of the Terps After Dark program. 

Photo of Patrick Sullivan '07
Jun 26
Patrick Sullivan ’07 currently serves as the treasurer for the Boston Terps Alumni Network. Patrick joined the executive board in the summer of 2018. Learn about how they are enhancing alumni program in their area.

Jun 24
The first-ever Food for Thought panel was well attended, and highlighted several of Baltimore's finest Terps in the food and beverage industry.

May 10
In 1959, only two women graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in physics. One of those women — Carla Messina — never expected to travel off the beaten path.

Photo of Nathan & Anna
Apr 30
Nathan Glenn ’12 and Anna (McGucken) Glenn ’12 gained a lot during their time at Maryland -- including each other. But perhaps the most unexpected thing they gained was a new life plan: move to Liberia.

Photo of Terps Under 30
Apr 30
University of Maryland students and alumni are full of Fearless Ideas.

PG Wine Tasting
Apr 25
More than 50 Prince George’s County alumni returned to the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center on April 11 for the annual wine tasting, which also included raffle prizes and mingling with fellow Terps.

Pary Harris
Apr 25
Pary Harris ‘65 has been making scrapbooks for the Maryland men’s basketball team for she-doesn’t-know-how-long. But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill hobby scrapbooks.

Terp Entrepreneur Network Launch
Apr 01
From Zest Tea to Under Armour, Terp entrepr

thalia theodore washington
Mar 31
For Thalia Theodore Washington ’00, her turning point was middle school. As a first-generation American, testing into a high-performing high school changed her trajectory.

Photo of Habib Bahari
Mar 05
Habib Bahari ’80 is the founder and CEO of Bahari Energy and recently partnered with NASA Goddard to make smart wind tower technology a reality. The project compacts the power of wind turbines into a tower. It can scale to provide energy for buildings from the size of a single family home to an entire power plant.

advocacy day 19
Mar 04
What does it mean to be an advocate?

Nyree Berry
Feb 26
Nyree Berry '05 has travelled across many states and fields—from TV production to communications—thanks to her career.

Feb 14
Learn how the CIVICUS network provided about 300 sandwiches to children in need last year!

Photo of Tyler Schepers '16
Feb 14
Tyler Schepers '16 recently became president of the Annapolis Alumni Network. In his role, he drives participation in local events such as Wreaths Across America. For his work to bring the alumni community together, the Terrapin Club honored Tyler with a 30 Under 30 award. Check out our Q&A with Tyler to learn more about how he got involved as a recent grad!

Jan 20
What does it take to make your big dreams come true? For Aurelia Michael ’08, it took hard work, a lot of passion and driving across the country a few times.

Jan 10
Are you thinking about switching to a new c

Dec 10
On November 9 - 10, the Alumni Association invited its dedicated volunteers back to campus for professional development, networking and celebration.

latinx alumni network of the year
Dec 10
Gerson Elias '12, second from left, got involved with his alma mater to help restart the Latinx Alumni Network in 2014. 

Natalia V. Cuadra-Saez
Dec 07
There are many paths to becoming a teacher, but for Natalia V. Cuadra-Saez ’11, it started with a passion for advocacy. Cuadra-Saez got involved in advocacy as a student at the University to Maryland and hasn’t stopped advocating for teaching and learning conditions since.

Mark Johnson
Nov 30
Shortly after graduating from Maryland with his degree in Public Health, Mark Johnson ’78 learned that Terp connections are never far. As a young professional in the business and sales world, he ran into a fellow graduate, which led him to his next venture. Then, he found out that a fraternity brother ran the local office.

freshman mens basketball team future all americans
Nov 27
The University of Maryland Archives works to ensure the continued preservation of and access to the many aspects of university history.

Ceylon Mitchell Photo credit: Catrilla Watson, Coalition for African Americans in the Performing Arts (CAAPA).
Nov 20
When Ceylon Mitchell M.M.’16 first came to the University of Maryland for graduate school, he arrived with a strong passion for music. During his time at UMD, he gained something more — a love of multimedia production. Now, he has combined his passions to create M3 | Music Media, which provides personalized multimedia services to musicians.

Jenny Hottle
Oct 31
Jenny Hottle ’15 ’17 always knew she had an interest in journalism. She worked at school newspapers since middle school and recognized Maryland was the perfect university for her as soon as she stepped foot in the open house at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. But it was joining the Design Cultures and Creativity (DCC) living and learning program that added a whole new perspective.

Wendy Merrill ’94
Oct 11
Scared of networking? That’s okay—you’re not alone. Most people, regardless of age or career path, are nervous when it comes to putting themselves out there.

Aug 31
When Evan Parker ’05 (fifth from right) was a student at Maryland, he got his start in the sports industry.

Bill Johnston III ’92
Aug 08
For Bill Johnston III ’92, being a Terp has always been a family affair.

Amina Ahmad ’12
Jul 17
In Amina K. Ahmad ‘12’s notebook from when she was a student, you’ll find a host of ideas, from tote bags made of melted plastic bags to designs for a handmade dress.

Dr. April Martin ’03
May 01
In today’s office climate, feeling overwhelmed is standard. It’s easy to write off articles and seminars regarding wellness when you feel like you don’t even have the time to consider it.

Nefretiti Nassar ’10, MS ’12
Dec 19
When Nefretiti Nassar ’10, MS ’12 completed her studies at the University of Maryland in Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering, she saw a need for pre-professional mentorship.