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News & Stories

Keep up with your fellow alumni through spotlights, Q&As and more! Read inspiring stories, professional advice and exciting updates from your fellow fearless alumni. You may even find an old friend or story that reminds you of the great times you spent here at The University of Maryland. 

Photo of Terp Research Award Nominee Dr. Merdad Parsey

Alumni Excellence Awards: Terp Research Award Winner Dr. Merdad Parsey

In the nascent days of the COVID-19 global pandemic, doctors and medical researchers were scrambling to understand what treatments could help stop the effects of the deadly...
Photo of Terp Research Award Nominee Dr. Ashley Minner

Alumni Excellence Awards: Terp Research Award Winner Dr. Ashley Minner

Dr Ashley Minner’s mission has always been to share stories of Baltimore’s urban, intertribal American Indian community with the world. She hopes to continue that work in her...
Photo of Rising Terp Award Nominee Anthony Sartori '18

Alumni Excellence Awards: Rising Terp Award Winner Anthony Sartori '18

The depth of the mental health crisis for students, from elementary school all the way through college, terrifies Anthony Sartori. He lived it himself.
Photo of Rising Terp Award Nominee Olivia Owens '14

Alumni Excellence Awards: Rising Terp Award Winner Olivia Owens '14

For the last five years, Olivia Owens did it all at IFundWomen, a funding platform for women-owned businesses and the people who want to support them with access to capital,...
Photo of Rising Terp Award Nominee Nora Eckert '19

Alumni Excellence Awards: Rising Terp Award Winner Nora Eckert '19

A Pulitzer Prize finalist by age 26, Nora Eckert has shined a light on some of society’s greatest challenges including effects of climate change on the health of inner-city...
Terps Thrive Graphic - Women Empowering Women

Six Reasons to Join Terps Thrive in 2023

New year, new you! Whether you are setting out to crush fitness goals, volunteer in your community, or simply get up with one less alarm in the morning - the start of a new year...
A group of volunteers poses for a picture at the Martha's Table volunteer event at the Riggs Alumni Center

In True Terp Tradition, 'Tis the Season For Giving Back

During the holiday season, many people make it a point to give back, showing gratitude for their many blessings and paying it forward to help those in need, choosing to focus on...
Ryan Aceto and Cristina Meneses taking a picture together at their wedding in Malorca, Spain

When Terp love finds a way

Growing up in Miami, Fla., Cristina Meneses ‘15, at times, felt as though she grew up in a bubble..
Photo of UMD alumnus Adam Shaool

10 for TEN: Adam Emral Shaool

Founder of Thick-N-Thin Brewing Co, Adam Emral Shaool ’04, talks about bringing craft beer to Western Maryland. Read more to learn about his mission and what advice helped him...
Photo of UMD alumna Madinah James, Class of 1998

10 for TEN: Madinah James '98

Founder, CEO and Creative Consultant for MNJ Media Consulting, Madinah James ’98 discusses her take on diversifying domestic and international news. Below, she discusses how she...
Photo of the Alumni Volunteers at the Leadership Awards podium for 2022

UMD Alumni Association Volunteer Leadership Awards 2022

The University of Maryland Alumni Association annually holds their Volunteer Leadership Awards, in recognition of the great work done by students, volunteers, and networks...
Pictured is SSI 2, a construction company started by Marshall Fitzgerald - an alumnus from UMD.

UMD Alumni Network: Building Dreams with Marshall Fitzgerald

The University of Maryland is no stranger to producing graduates with big dreams. And Marshall Fitzgerald's story to successful Terp Business Owner is no different. 
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