Description: The mission of the University of Maryland Latinx Alumni Network (LAN) is to serve as a representative voice for Latinx alumni, assist in the unification of alumni efforts to support the interests of the University of Maryland Alumni Association’s mission and enhance the alumni experience through celebrating diversity. LAN exists to support and advance the professional, social and developmental interests of Maryland’s past, present and future Latino community.

Founded: 2014

Events: Summer Cookout, Latin@ Stars Industry Panel, Terp Service Month projects

Number of Members: 4,996

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Meet the Board:

Natalie Guerra '12
Picture of Natalie Guerra

Gerson Elias '12
Picture of Gerson Elias

Jose Granados '15
Vice President
Picture of Jose Granados

Veronica Fuentes '12
Picture of Veronica Fuentes

Yancy Rivera '15
Picture of Yancy Rivera

Valeria Morales '18
Student Liaison/Membership Chair
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Maritza Gonzalez '02
Member at Large
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We at #UMDLAN believe that Black Lives Matter and commit to taking action towards raising awareness and speaking up against racism within the Latinx community. We also commit to actively fighting against injustice, inequality and discrimination. And lastly, we commit to demanding justice for our Black brothers and sisters by working alongside University of Maryland Black Alumni (UMBA) network and other local grassroots organizations at UMD and throughout the state of Maryland. Please read our complete statement for more infomration and resources. #UMDLAN #BlackLivesMatter

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