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Terp Time Warp

Terp Time Warp

Our alums hopped in the wayback machine to share their fun and favorite experiences as students for this virtual scrapbook series. Read on to revel in the memories and get some Terp tingles!

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Student protest at the Administration building in 1971

Springtime Protest at the Administration Building, 1971

“Spring 1971 on the College Park campus with the usual anti-war rallies at the library, protests at the Administration Building with the ever-present police and military forces, ad hoc concerts and other mid-day activities on the Mall. For me this was the epitome of comunitas for that time and place.”

- Tony Provine ’72, MA ’75

Phil Romas with his wife Gisela in their garden

Phil Romas ’81, ’83 with his wife Gisela in their garden.

“I will always remember sitting in the stands at Byrd stadium watching our beloved Terps led by Boomer Esiason. My then girlfriend, and now wife of 37 years, met at UMCP at the Health Center in June 1982, one of the best days of my life! We enjoyed cheering our Terps to victory led by 'Mike man'. Great memories l will always hold near and dear to my heart. Thank you Terps!!” 

- Phil Romas ’81, ’83

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Photo of Donna Balderston on the phone from the early 1970's

Donna Balderston Kaiser ’74 as featured in "The Maryland Student Union" in the early 1970s

“This photo was in a publication called "The Maryland Student Union" and it is me on the phone in the student union. I didn't know the photo was taken and was surprised to see it when it was in this publication (circa 1971 or 1972). I graduated in 1974 from UMD, and from UM law school in 1978.”

- Donna Balderston Kaiser ’74

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Group of four female students together in a dorm in 1972

Vickie Martin Layton ’75 and her friends from Centreville 4 North, 1972

“The best experience I can submit for my time at University of Maryland is all the great friends I made. I lived on the same floor, Centreville 4 North, all four of my years there, from 1971 - 1975. The girls on my hall became like sisters to me. I am happy to say that I keep in touch with a great many of them. Another great and important experience is that I met my husband, Merrill, who lived in Cambridge D. We have been married since 1977.”

- Vickie Martin Layton ’75

Jim Perrus, center, with a group of cheerleaders at the 1988 NCAA Tournament

Jim Perrus '89, center, with cheerleaders at the 1989 NCAA Tournament.

“This photo is from March 1988, at the NCAA Tournament which took place at the Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, OH. The Terps beat University of California Santa Barbara in the first round; lost to Kentucky in the second round. I was broadcasting with WMUC.”

- Jim Perrus '89

Share your memories!

Did you host a killer football tailgate in the 1980s, or sled down the hills of campus in the 1970s? Were you a pledge queen or a tug-of-war champ? We want to know! Pull out your photo albums and email a favorite snapshot along with a two- to three-sentence description to for a chance to be included in an upcoming feature.


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