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Terp Traditions: Luck of Testudo

Terp Traditions: Luck of Testudo

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By Julia Hall ‘20

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With each passing semester comes a plethora of projects, exams, interviews and more, resulting in stresses so great that they can only be alleviated by the one and only Testudo, our trusty mascot. Whether it be a simple rub on the nose, or a full-blown offering (particularly popular during finals week), Testudo knows how to bring us the good luck, or just the little pick-me-up, that we need.

I can remember my very first visit to Maryland as a senior in high school for the admitted student open house, during which my tour guide explained this time-honored tradition to the group. My dad chuckled, “Rubbing a nose for good luck? Seems a little ridiculous.” I couldn’t help but agree, yet little did I know I would be back in that very spot in just a few short months, indulging in this tradition myself. And it’s not only during finals week - although this is when he tends to get the most attention - it is every single time we pass by. Now in my senior year, I can’t ever walk by Testudo without giving him the attention he deserves (sometimes I even reroute my walk to class just so I can get my daily dose of luck). 

The best part about our trusty Testudo statue? There are now seven on campus; which one is your favorite? Mine is definitely the one outside of the Xfinity Center because I love seeing it when I go to basketball games! While the original sits outside of Mckeldin Library, there are seven other statues spread around campus - including one in front of the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. Seven spots to rub that nose, leave an offering, snap a picture and keep this wonderful tradition alive. 

So next time you are on campus, stop by and visit Testudo at one of his locations. A little extra luck never hurt anyone.



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