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UMD Alumni Association Volunteer Leadership Awards 2022

UMD Alumni Association Volunteer Leadership Awards 2022

Photo of the Alumni Volunteers at the Leadership Awards podium for 2022

By Mateo Aycardi

Each year, the University of Maryland Alumni Association holds its annual 'Network Dinner and Awards' ceremony as an opportunity to recognize and highlight the outstanding achievements of our academic, affinity and regional networks.

Both our networks and our volunteers work tirelessly every single year on planning engagement opportunities for fellow alums. This year, we have an outstanding lineup to feature.

Student of the Year - Ethan Jenkins '22

Ethan Jenkins (class of 2022) accepts the Student of the Year award in the 2022 Alumni Association Leadership Awards

Ethan Jenkins '22 was the recipient of the Student of the Year Award in 2022 thanks to his outstanding leadership across campus.

Ethan serves as the face of the Student Alumni Leadership Council, the student group of the Alumni Association. In this role, he represented the student voice with the Board of Governors, gave presentations across campus and spoke on behalf of SALC to campus leadership, course instructors and his peers. Not only that, but he will continue to lead the executive council until his graduation.

"By working with the University of Maryland Alumni Association, I was given access to a rich foundation of resources to build my leadership and character," Jenkins noted. 

"Landing with this group of staff relentlessly dedicated to the University of Maryland taught me how to make the most of my college experience and learn what it truly means to be a Terp. I cannot wait to apply everything I have gained with the Alumni Association to my future position with Ally Financial as a Portfolio Management Analyst!"

Emerging Leader of the Year - Jameson Roth '16

Jameson Roth (class of 2016) was the recipient of the Emerging Leader Award. Here she poses with her award at the Alumni Association's Volunteer Leadership Awards ceremony.

Jameson Roth '16 is now the new President of the School of Public Health Alumni Network, bringing an innovative and positive attitude to her team.

Jameson Roth recently become the new President of the School of Public Health Alumni Network. Prior to her current role, she served as Vice President from 2020 through 2022. And despite joining as a board leader in the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jameson truly stepped up to the plate to bring virtual programming to life. 

Because of her enthusiasm, organization, positivity and tenacity, the board’s “reach” expanded considerably during her term.

“I’m thrilled to continue to work with such talented colleagues at the Alumni Association and the School of Public Health Alumni Network," Roth noted after her victory. "It’s a privilege to be able to give back to a community that has given me so much.”

Do Good Service Event of the Year - Northern New Jersey Alumni Network

Photo of the Northern New Jersey Alumni Network representatives at the Leadership Awards

The Northern New Jersey Alumni Network have worked closely with the CWF to protect the Diamonback Terrapins.

The Northern New Jersey Alumni Network gathered to support the Conserve Wildlife Foundation (CWF). The foundation works to protect the Northern Diamondback Terrapins, among many other endangered species. The board chose to partner with this organization in honor of the Maryland mascot—Testudo the Terrapin.

*Fun Fact: The Terrapins get their name from the Native America Algonquian word ‘torope’, meaning ‘a little turtle'

Learn more about the great work that the NNJ Terps are doing in their community and how they are connecting with Terps everywhere!

Event of the Year - Black Alumni Weekend Welcome

The Alumni Association's Jeff Williams stands along with UMBA's Cassie Duah at the Volunteer Leadership Awards

The UMBA works tirelessly to connect fellow black alumni

As a kickoff to the weekend, the University of Maryland Black Alumni Network Board planned a major welcome event which featured notable Terp alums, catered food, great music and over 200 attendees. 

The UMBA Network's mission is to reconnect Black alums with one another and the university in order to impact issues that are important to the community.

The UMDA Black Alumni Weekend helped to set the festive tone for the weekend which was highly rated by attendees.

Learn more about the great work the UMBA Network and how they are connecting with Terps!

Volunteer of the Year - Jen Coatsworth `00

Pictured is Angela Dimopolous (left) and Jennifer Coatsworth (right), as Coatsworth receives the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2022 UMDAA Volunteer Leadership Awards

Jen Coatsworth '00 was the recipient of the 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award at the UMDAA Leadership Awards.

On top of being a devoted wife, mother to two young kids, and a partner at a highly respected law firm, Jen has made the Philly Terps network a priority for over two decades.

Jen has worked tirelessly to grow the Philly network through her positive attitude and love for Maryland, Jen has been the heart and soul of the Philly Terps network.

Network of the Year - Howard County Terps Alumni Network

Pictured is the Howard County Network group, recipients of the Network of the Year Award.

The Howard County Terps Alumni Network provides social, professional and educational opportunities to Terps and their family and friends within Howard County, Maryland.

The Howard County Network has grown in size and enthusiasm over the past five years. Their inclusive and dynamic events include their annual Bingo event, family friendly day at Manor Hill Brewery, virtual programming such as resume writing and workout classes, service events throughout the community and programming to connect with Howard County parents and future Terps.

Learn more about the great work the Howard County Terps are doing in their community and how they are connecting with Terps!

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