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When Terrapins Connect Stories

When Terrapins Connect

Read success stories from Terps who have advanced their careers through Terrapins Connect.

A headshot of Will Cousins.

When Terrapins Connect: How Alum Connections Helped This Terp Find a Job During a Global Pandemic

The cap and gown. The stage walk. Moving the tassel. And, of course, receiving that diploma. All quintessential markers of achievement for graduates at universities across the country. 

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Anna Portela Headshot

When Terrapins Connect: Anna Portela ‘14

Anna Portela ‘14 never makes a career decision without doing her homework.

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Smiling faces

When Terrapins Connect: UMBA Mentorship Program

When Taylor Dotson ’21 came to the University of Maryland in 2019 to get her master’s in industrial organizational psychology, she was ready to take on the academic challenge to make the final leap into her career.

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Photos of Jason Callender ‘09 and Hawa Anthony ’18

When Terrapins Connect: Passing the Torch

Fresh off her UMD graduation and four-month internship at the U.S. Department of Defense, Hawa Anthony ’18 was ready to start her technology career.

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Photo of alum Eric Glazer pointing to his name on the Lifetime Member Wall

When Terrapins Connect: Meeting Terps Across the Nation

When lifetime member Eric Glazer ’11 joined Terrapins Connect back in March of 2020, he planned on offering his expertise and mentorship to current students.

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