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Khalil Pettus '15

Alumni Excellence Awards: Rising Terp Award Winner Khalil Pettus '15

Just two years after graduating, Khalil Pettus '15 established a scholarship fund recognized by ODK, within the Division of Student Affairs, to support students who are “leaders...
Richard "Rick" Rudman '84

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneur Award Winner Richard "Rick" Rudman '84

As president and CEO of Potomac, Md.-based Curbio, Rudman works with realtors and homeowners to make repairs and updates to homes before they go on the market. They’re...
Pallavi Agarwal '05

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneur Award Winner Pallavi Agarwal '05

In India, “Aagarwal” describes a mercantile caste in the country’s central region. Pallavi Agarwal has taken her surname to heart. She’s CEO and founder of Kander, a firm that...
Mike Goldfarb, left, who suffers from polycystic kidney disease PKD, is in need of a kidney. In 2012, fraternity brother Gene Fatula, right, donated one of his.

Terp Alum’s Kidney Gift Sparks Decade-long Friendship and New Search for Donor

Gene Fatula ’88 (right) described his father, Edward, as a noncompliant diabetic. In 1998, at the age of 61, he suffered a heart attack at his son’s Philadelphia-area home and...
Dan Kaplan poses with friends at a climb for hope mission

How to build Culture and Connection in a Disconnected World

Dan Kaplan (BA English & Business, ‘91) provides communications training to leaders, managers, and teams, using DiSC, the 5 Behaviors of A Cohesive Team, and his heart. Read...
Luke Watson '18 speaking with a head chef and other cooks at the Timber Pizza store in Washington, D.C.

All About the Dough - Luke Watson's Vision

With more than 61,000 pizzerias spread like pepperoni across the American landscape, there’s no shortage of competition for your palate. Luke Watson ’18, CEO of Washington,...
Thomas Hong ’2020, Alexandra Givan ’16, Rachel Lipman ’15 and Derek Xiao ’19 posing for a photo at Terps Under 30

How to be Fearless: Learning from our Terps Under 30

On the evening of April 3, the University of Maryland Alumni Association and Student Alumni Leadership Council hosted their annual ‘Terps Under 30’ event, which featured four...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Roy Schwartz '98

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Roy Schwartz '98

When Roy Schwartz ’98, MBA ’01 co-founded the online news website Axios in 2016, he was guided by a singular mission: articles would be 250 to 500 words, and bullet points would...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Adriana Avakian '12

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Adriana Avakian '12

Whether you’re asking Google for driving directions or enabling your computer’s spam filter, artificial intelligence – or AI – is an indispensable part of life. The idea that...
Photo of EnTerprenuer Award Nominee Seema Alexander '00

Alumni Excellence Awards: EnTERPreneuer Award Winner Seema Alexander '00

In working with hundreds of growth-focused entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world, Seema Alexander ’00 starts with two simple questions: “Why does your business exist?” and...
Ryan Aceto and Cristina Meneses taking a picture together at their wedding in Malorca, Spain

When Terp love finds a way

Growing up in Miami, Fla., Cristina Meneses ‘15, at times, felt as though she grew up in a bubble..
Wilson Wang '03

Meet the Board of Governors: Wilson Wang ’03

In the late 1990s, teenagers often plastered their bedroom walls with band posters, movie posters and pinboards filled with ticket stubs and photographs. Not Wilson Wang ‘03....
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